Team Woodland

      18th September 2017

The children in Bluebell have just finished their very first PE lesson with their coach Mr Davies. There are pictures for you to see on Tapestry in more detail but these are some of the comments the children made after they had finished…

“We made some star shapes by stretching our arms.” Mbakeh and Ameera

“I used the hula hoops and some bean bags. We were jumping across them and then we had to walk along the rope like walking the plank.” Aval

“My favourite bit was jumping into the hoops because I like jumping like Catboy!” Zainab

“I asked for help with my buttons when I was getting changed.” Sophia

As well as being rather puffed out and pink in the face, the children came back with great big smiles on their faces. 🙂 

22nd March 2017

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about pets. We learned lots about how to look after pets from the Blue Cross lady. We read ‘The Great Pet Sale’ and talked about which animals make suitable pets, we also enjoyed exploring money and learning about coins. We made our own ‘Pets for Sale’ posters to help the pet shop owner, in our story, as he sold all of the pets he had. We have had great fun and we are looking forward to the next couple of weeks when we will be learning about fruit, vegetables and eating healthy foods.





3rd March 2017

Our new experienceology topic is ‘pets’. The children have been finding out what pets their friends have and researching what makes a suitable pet. We look forward to the Blue Cross visiting next week to talk to us about how to take care for different pets. 


28th February 2017

Happy Pancake Day! 














24th February 2017

It’s arrived! Willow class are now the proud adoptive parents of ‘Sunny’ the meerkat. The certificate has been displayed in class for everyone to see.

9th February 2017

Thank you to all the parents for making the playdough sale so successful. The children were so excited to hear that we reached our target of £20 and were very keen to order their Meerkat adoption kit straight away!  





8th February 2017

Willow class are so excited to sell their playdough tomorrow.  If you aren’t already aware we are trying to raise enough money to sponsor a meerkat. Please bring your £1s so that you can buy a bag!


31st October 2016

Happy Halloween! The children had lots of fun today helping to carve a very heavy and scary pumpkin!

media-1 media-2 media

As part of our ‘Under the night sky’ theme the children have enjoyed listening to a selection of Winnie the Witch stories which we hope to continue into next week’s story time. The children have also been talking lots about the different firework displays they will visiting over the weekend with their family and friends and the different noises and fireworks they hope to see.

Willow class have also been busy exploring the potion bar set up by Miss Lee and writing a very interesting list of ingredients for their own spell!

21st October 2016

We have had two very busy weeks in Woodland! Last week the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about different countries for our first University Degree. On Monday the children stayed in England and learnt about Windsor. They enjoyed tasting caffeine free tea and biscuits and looking up their houses and other familiar places on Google Earth. On Tuesday the children got on a boat and travelled to France where they tasted French foods and made their own Eiffel Tower using art straws. On Wednesday the children took a train to Poland where they tasted even more delicious food and learnt some Polish words. Thursday saw the children travelling to Pakistan. Here, they enjoyed some dancing, trying on traditional dress and making flags. Finally, on Friday, the children got on an aeroplane and went to Africa. In Africa the children tasted fruit, learnt a dance and made an African mask. Thank you to Victor, Leon, Molly, Gabriella and Momin’s parents for all of their help and support during Degree Week!

img_0222 img_0223-2 img_0227img_0225img_0224

This week we have been busy making our Christmas cards ready for you to buy when we come back to school after the half term! We have also been busy learning about germs and why we should wash our hands, 2D shapes, ordering numbers and the importance of wearing a coat when it’s cold!

We have enjoyed reading all of your Tapestry observations over the last couple of weeks; it’s great to see so many of you uploading pictures and videos of the children working at home. We look forward to seeing what the children will get up to over their half term break!


7th October 2016

In Willow class this week the children have really enjoyed reading the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Following the children’s interests from the story we have been busy making and tasting porridge, collecting chairs from around the school and ordering them depending on their size together with acting out the story with our friends!  We look forward to seeing where else the story leads next week!

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7th October 2016

Welcome to the Team Woodland blog. Apologies that it has taken us this long to get up and running!  Firstly we would like to say a big thank you for such a good turnout at Parent Teacher Consultations. Although they are long days for us, it is so worthwhile to have the opportunity to speak to parents on an individual basis.

Tapestry was a big topic of conversation at these meetings and your feedback was very useful.  If you haven’t already logged on using the information that came home a few weeks ago then please do try to now. If you have lost the information or have any problems then please do let Miss Lee know as passwords can be reset and additional relatives can be easily added.  We would really love every parent and carer to use it as your feedback and observations of your children are as valuable as ours.

We were also made aware that on group observations your children were being pixellated. We were unaware this was happening!  Miss Lee has now changed the options so that you will be able to see every photo clearly. We would however like to remind parents that if other children feature in photos of your child then you mustn’t upload them to any social media platforms.

You should now also find that you receive emails from tapestry when an observation has been added of your child. It is possible to log on and amend these settings if you don’t wish to receive these.

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended Stay and Play yesterday. Acorn was a little calmer but Bluebell and Willow were bubbling over with fun and laughter!


8th July 2016

Acorn morning children – Tabassum told me “I was playing babies with Amelia and we shared.” Archie M said “I played with Archie W outside, we played a volcano game and lava came out and we had to run.” Archie M also added that when it was open afternoon “I made a cake and some animals from the playdough outside.” Georgia added “I made chocolate cookies with the playdough.” Archie W also told us yesterday “I made a car out of paper, I did it all by myself, I put the sticks on for the wheels.” Gabriella told me “I was playing princesses with Eva.” “And I also made a bird feeder, we put flour and water on the tube and we rolled it in the seeds.”

1st July 2016

Acorn morning children – Maya told me she was “Dressing up as Cinderella.” “Me, Gabriella, Maya and Yusuf played with the flour making cakes” said Eva. Gabriella added “It was so messy.” Archie W told me he “Dressed up as a fireman, they put out fires and save people when they are stuck.” Amelia said “We made a superhero out of vegetables, mine was a potato called Supertato.” “Mine was Supercarrot” added Maya. Sofia told me “I played babies with Amelia.” “I did running in P.E and had to give something to a friend” said Georgia. “Yeah and we did an egg and spoon race” added Gabriella. “I threw the bean bag the furthest by the door” said Eva.

Acorn afternoon children – Tristan told me he painted a “Strawberry” and it is “Healthy.” “I joined lunch club and I had fish and chips with beans.” Ali said. Savanna told me she made me a hanging decoration for Acorn where she did some leaf rubbing on the paper and then added some string. Annie-Rose told me she made a “Ladybird” from the junk modelling and Ethan added he made a “Rocket.” “Me and Ali played pirates” said Dhanish “We made our own super veggie” said Dominic. Victor told me he called his super vegetable “Superman.”

24th June 2016

Acorn morning children – Archie M told me he has been playing with the “Bikes and scooters with Archire W, he was really fast.” Maya told me “I have been learning about taking away and I have been doing it at home as well.” Tabassum told me yesterday that she and Amelia made a boat from the box and we went to the cinema to watch “Cinderbrella married.” Ria said she was playing with the ponies with Mila. Eva told me “I went to the library and I got Little Red Riding Hood book.

Acorn Afternoon children – Ali, Ethan and Dhanish told me today they came for lunch club and ate fish and chips. Junior said “I was playing Ninja Turtles.” Savanna remembered we made superhero vehicles with the junk modelling. Annie-Rose added “Mine was a motorcycle, sparkle bomb.” On Thursday after library Dominic said he paint a “Lizard.”

17th June 2016

Acorn morning children – Archie M “We been playing trains.” Maya told me “I’ve been playing with the lego and made a zoo.” Eva told me a super hero came in the class and made a mess. “And they broke the dragon.” Said Gabriella. Next Maya, Gabriella and Eva added that the super hero left behind his mask and cape. Tabassum then told me “I want to be a good super hero.” Momin then remembered we was also writing and drawing about what we did in our half term holidays, which he enjoyed as he drew a picture of his mum and dad. Amelia told me “I was playing with Tabassum with the handbag and the baby girl and the baby boy and we was being the mum and sharing.” Finally Eva added that last week “We was climbing up and balancing on the long beam and then we jumped off onto the mat and climbed through the circle.”

Acorn afternoon children – Ali told me “I made a crocodile from the green lego.” Ethan said “Counting.” Meaning we have been doing doubling in class by drawing pictures. Savanna told me the super hero was in the kitchen. Ethan added there was a “Mask, cape” left behind. Annie-Rose told me she has been playing with Savanna with the ponies pretending to feed them using the kitchen food toys.

On behalf of me (Miss Sidhu), Mrs Pawluk and Mrs Goater we would like to say a BIG well done to all of Acorn children for being in school every day this week as we have achieved 100% attendance and won the sheep clock!!! Yayyy!!!

10th June 2016

Acorn morning children – Eva told me “We was counting the ladybird spots and putting the spots on the ladybird.” Eva remembered correctly we was finger printing ladybird spots on the other half of the ladybird as we have been learning about “Doubling.” Shouted  Gabriella. Tabassum told me “I was playing with Amelia with the toys, building blocks, building a train.” Alberto said I “Played with Joshua on the pirate ship.” Mila said I was “Playing with Ria with the ponies.” Georgia told me she was “Playing with Isabella.” “In the castle.” Said Isabella. “We was playing monsters.” Added Georgia.

Acorn afternoon children – I was “Playing with the cars with Tristan.” Said Ethan. Dhanish and Ali told me “I was playing with the Mr Men people.” Amelia and Sofia made “Chocolate ice-cream.” Using the egg cartons from the junk modelling. Ethan, Tristan, Dominic, Ali and Dhanish were planting outside with Mrs Goater which they really enjoyed. Savanna told me she was “Putting spots on there, making it the same. “Doubling.” Shouted Amelia.

27th May 2016

AM children – Archie W told me he was playing “A zombie game.” “I been playing with the ponies.” Said Zoe. “Outside I was playing stuck in the mud.” Maya said. Tabassum added “We were playing ballet and running around.” “And Tabassum was falling over.” Said Amelia “Yeah I hurt my knee.” Added Tabassum. Eva told me “We was on the ship and the ship was sinking and Yusuf was the red Power Ranger and I was the pink Power Ranger. Sofia told us Zoe was teaching her how to do a “Hand stand.” Outside. “I been outside, I was playing a game, pull the grass.” Said Tomas. Sebastian told me he was “Playing pirates.” “Going round.” The pirate ship Said Alberto.

PM children – Ethan told me “I playing cars.” “I was playing with the ponies and me and Annie-Rose put them into the pony house.” Tristan added “Playing with the cars, racing.”Dhanish told me has been playing “Football.” Ethan remembered we was doing taking away using the number 1 Numicon piece. Annie-Rose told me she was “Playing with the ponies, cooking for the pets.”

20th May 2016

AM children – Amelia “I have been playing with Tabassum outside in the morning.” “Yeah we been playing ballet.” Said Tabassum. Archie M told me he was “Running fast.” Outside “Playing tag.” Gabriella, Maya, Eva and Yusuf told me they were playing “Stuck in the mud.” I asked Zoe and Ria what they were doing inside. “Pretending to be teachers.” Said Zoe. “We shake the tambourine.” Added Ria. I asked Acorn what they were doing at the art table this week. Tabassum shouted “PAINTING!” Mbakeh told me he painted a “Butterfly.” “Butterfly and caterpillars.” Said Gabriella. Eva, Momin and Archie M told me they were doing some adding, equals and taking away and showed me the signs with their arms.

PM children – Annie-Rose and Savanna played with the ponies together. “I like playing with the ice balls.” Added Ethan “They were cold.” Annie-Rose told me she enjoyed playing with the animals with Junior, especially the cheetah. Hammad added “In P.E. we played cricket and had to get the balls.” And Dhanish added “We drawed a caterpillar and we had lots of colours, it was fun.”

17th May 2016

Over the last week the children in Willow and Bluebell class have been very excited about the arrival of 5 baby caterpillars. We have been taking care great of them and can’t wait for them to turn in butterflies! We don’t think it will be long now 🙂

Look at how much they have grown!

Day one                                        Day   10                                       Day 15 
P1010367   DSC00869   DSC00881


13th May 2016

Acorn morning children – Sofia told me “Me and ria done some drawing.” “I was playing with Sofia outside on the pirate ship.” Eva said. Amelia told me this week we are growing our own beanstalk how like Jack did in Jack and the Beanstalk. Georgia told me “I was playing with Isabella, we was playing Mummy’s and Dad.” Yusuf said “I was watering the beanstalk and doing = and +.” Maya was really excited to tell the class she went to assembly to get a well done.

Acorn afternoon children – Ali told me“I have been playing with the cars with Dhanish.” Ethan said “I played with the ice marbles, blue, red and green, it was cold.” Dominic added that “Sparkle things inside them.” Meaning there was glitter in the ice marbles. Annie-Rose remembered and said “We put mud a seed and water into a pot and will turn into a plant.” “Yeah a beanstalk.” Added Dominic. “A real one.” Said Ethan.

Bluebell have learnt about another artist, Metzinger, we had to stick on all the little squares. We made gardens or the sea or trees and flowers. We were making landscapes. We learnt that he used lots of bright colours and it was ok if the pictures didn’t look realistic. We have also been busy creating our own story books based on the stories by Eric Carle. We thought of a title and what would happen at the beginning of our stories. Next week we will be continuing to write the middle and the ending of our story. In maths we have been measuring how far we can throw our aeroplanes.

6th May 2016

Acorn Morning children – Amelia told she has “Been playing ballet with Tabassum outside.” “I’ve been learning with Mrs Goater.” Said Sofia. Gabriella told us that she “Liked playing with Maya in the sand.” Archie M added “Yesterday yeah, I done Jack and the Beanstalk just done some finger things.” Archie meant that he completed a fingerprinting counting activity using paint. Next Eva showed me the add and equal sign with her arms as we have been learning about addition. Momin told me that this morning we were “Bowling.” Archie W shouted “No, it’s cricket.” Tomas added “Throwing the ball.” Eva then stood up and demonstrated how we were aiming the ball towards the wickets. Lola also told Acorn she has been “Playing with Isabella and Georgia in the sand.” Sebastian told me he liked playing with Tomas and the cars outside. Yusuf remembered from the beginning of the week that we were “Cutting paper and putting beanstalk in order.” “And I was playing with Tabassum, playing doggies.” Said Ria.

Acorn Afternoon children – “We was doing P.E. we was doing cricket.” Said Ali. Annie-Rose told me she was painting “Little leaves.” On her beanstalk. Dominic added “If somebody threw the ball I would get it and throw it to Miss Sidhu and the other guys get to have a go.” Tristan told me he was “Playing with cars.” Junior added “I was playing on the boat and squirting the water on Annie-Rose, Tristan and Savanna.” Savanna also told us that we have been doing work on adding and equal and showed me with her arms and that she completed a “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Worksheet.

21st April 2016

Happy Birthday Your Majesty! The children in Team Woodland have loved celebrating the Queen’s birthday today. We learnt a little about the Queen and her life before looking at lots of photos of her growing up. We enjoyed making crowns and flags and patriotically decorating cakes with white icing and blue and red sprinkles.  Once these were finished children were so excited to start our picnic where we enjoyed cake, crisps, fruit and juice.  We finished our picnic in a slightly different manner than a royal garden party – playing in the castle and pirate ships, rolling tyres and generally tearing around outside!


15th April 2016 

Acorn AM – Gabriella told us that she was”Playing with the soil with Amelia.” and Amelia added that she was “Pretending it was snow.” Eva told me she was “Jumping in muddy puddles.” with her friends. Zoe told Acorn “And I was singing 5 Little Monkeys.” inside and she was asking other children to join in with her which they did. Lola also commented that she was “Playing outside with my new friends.” “I played doctors with Georgia.” said Isabella. I asked Isabella what was wrong with Georgia and she pointed to her leg. Andri and Sebastian started counting on their fingers telling me that today they were ordering numbers 1-10 and then 1-20.

Acorn PM – Ethan told me he was playing with the “Poies.” (Pony’s). “Me too.” said Annie-Rose, “We was sticking them over there and there.” Annie-Rose, Savanna and Junior were finding different places around the classroom to see where the pony’s would ‘stick’ as they were magnetic. Tristan also told us that he was playing with the playdough. What did you make? “Pancakes, cooking pancakes lots.” Did you put anything on top of the pancake? “Jam.” Ali also told us he was also playing with the playdough “I made a house with people inside.” Dominic said this week i have been “Learning my sounds, ‘b’, ‘s’, and ‘i’.” Hammad added that he made “A big house.” With the mega blocks.

Bluebell “We learnt about a new artist his name is Van Gogh. He painted lots of landscapes, that is gardens and flowers. We learnt that he used lots of dark colours when he lived in Holland. When he moved to France he used lots of bright colours because he loved it so much better there. We painted our own landscape pictures in the same style that he did. We used so many bright colours like yellow and blue. We also listened to a piece of music called ‘Spring’. It was so lovely and peaceful. It was classical and they played violins. The music went slow, then fast, and then slow again. We listened and drew the picture that was in your head. They were pictures of flowers and rainbows. They were so colourful.”

Willow This week we have been busy thinking about how we can develop our outside area. We wrote a wish list which included planting flowers and vegetables, larger mud kitchen and even a swimming pool!! Following this we made our own grass heads which we hope to share with you soon. We have also enjoyed getting very messy with paint as we recreated a landscape picture by Vincent Van Gogh.

24th March 2016

Willow and Bluebell loved going to Tesco and completing Easter activities.  What did you enjoy about Tesco? “When we were eating food. Like hot cross buns,” said Alyzeh.  “We were playing in Tescos. A fruit game,” added Helena.  Robin told me, “We played a game so we needed to find broccoli and tomatoes, orange and apple and cabbage then we put them in the bag.” Hasnain added, “We ticked them, the fruit and vegetables on our sheet.”  Matthew He. reminded us that, “all of them parents were looking after the children when we went to the shops.”  Thank you very much to our parent helpers and Lisa from Tesco who helped so much.

But that wasn’t all we had done this week. Ali Abbas was excited to say, “The new boy camed in and he was so nice.” Willow class are really excited that a new child called Elias is starting with us after Easter and he came in to visit us yesterday.  “We were making Easter cards with chicks in them.” Olivia told me. Haneen added, “We made Easter cards and we had crispy chocolate with chocolate eggs.”  Happy Easter everyone!

It is the last day of term and Acorn children are all in together. Eva told me “We have been reading ZOG.”  I asked Acorn if they could remember what happened at the beginning of our story? Amelia replied “Bumped his head.” Dominic added that “The prince come to rescue the princess but the girl didn’t want to be queen.” Tabassum also said that “She wanted to be a doctor.” “And the knight does.” Dominic said. Eva also remembered that “We have been making our dragon mask.” for our story so that we could act out parts of the story by singing our song. Archie M also stated that “Zog breath fire.”

I then asked Acorn, what have we been doing in Maths? Junior quickly told me we have been “Playing together and putting them together.” referring to the Numicon which they have really enjoyed exploring. Dhanish then told us that we have been outside for P.E. playing a game called “Popcorn.” with the “Parachute.” shouted Archie W and Gabriella. I asked what other game have we been playing? Zoe said What’s the time “Mr Zog?” and then Ethan excitedly added “Catch time.” showing me with his hands how we caught our princess. Junior showed me how tightly we, “grabbed them.” as the princess was holding onto Zog “Tight.” Yusuf added.

Acorn where did we go on Monday? “Shopping.” said Sofia. “No, Tesco.” Amelia stated. Eva told the afternoon children “We was playing game.” What game did we play? “Find the fruit.” What fruit did you find Isabella? “Broccoli.” I found “Red apples.” Amelia added. “And I picked a red tomato.” said Sofia. Can anyone remember what happened at the fish counter? Sofia said “Cut the head.” Next Amelia told us that in assembly Reverend Louise was telling us the story about “Easter.” said Amelia. Gabriella recalled “Jesus.” was the main character. I asked Acorn what do we do when it is Easter? “We hunt for egg.” Dominic replied. “Bunny comes house.” Ethan stated.


11th March 2016

Acorn afternoon children have been doing P.E. Dominic told me they were “Doing running and then freezing like a statue.” Dhanish added we were playing “Popcorn” outside with the parachute. Dominic then told me “We have been making dragon masks.” Ali and Dhanish shouted out ‘Dragon Class’ as we are called dragon class when we are reading our story called “Zog” Savanna and Junior said. Ethan excitedly pointed at the Numicon on the whiteboard as he has really enjoyed exploring it. Savanna has really enjoyed drawing ponies in a garden playing with the balls. Ethan also added he enjoyed drawing a “Toy snake” on the table and told me what noise they make “Ssssssssss.”

4th March 2016

Acorn afternoon children have been busy this week making a Mother’s Day card and thinking of lots of words to describe their Mum. Sofia said “Mother’s church.” I asked Acorn what does that mean a big church or a small church and they all shouted and stretched their arms out and said “BIG church.” Dominic told me he was “Playing with the bumble bee’s and they were going straight, turn, and another turn and backwards.” Also this week Dhanish told me he was playing “Hide and seek and hiding behind tree’s.” Ethan added he was playing with the duplo making a house with all his family inside. Tristan excitedly told me he has been learning his sounds. I asked what sound he learnt this week “i for insect” he replied, Ali added he has been playing with the “Trains” and the train is “Going to Africa.”

Acorn morning children used the Beebots on Monday. Maya said, “you pressed the buttons then the go button and they move.”  They went all different directions on to the shapes and numbers on the floor.

th_534CF2AC-0698-4B25-8018-F81D69FC1554                                   th_12496BDD-B2B1-4AA9-A0F6-EF046FE1E3C4

I wondered what children had done on the other days of the week.  We found out about, “Mother’s Day.” said Yusuf.  Mila said she could make, “cupcakes and icecream for Mummy.” Another child said we could make, “choc chocs.”  Archie M. is going to make, “icecream with a chocolate flake!” Momin will, “give my mummy a present.” Yusuf and other children agreed. Mums – let’s hope they remember this on Sunday!

Eva said she had been, “playing with Maya with the capes, we were Elsa and Anna.” Her and Mila also enjoyed being ballerinas on the mats in Willow. As the weather has improved children have also been eager to get outside and play in the sand and water.th_A9035441-BB4F-4FDC-AEB3-CEC54E8132D1


26th February 2016

Acorn afternoon children have been learning about “Animals” said Hammad. Junior added “Tree frog.” Ali also told us he presented his H2H project to his class about “Penguins.” Savanna told me that she was playing with the “Ball” outside for P.E. and Ethan said “Bounce” as we were practising to kick, catch and bounce the ball. Dhanish added we have learnt a new shape called a “Semi-circle.” Tristan said “2” meaning it has two sides. Hammad further added that we made “Pancakes” and that we had different toppings like “Chocolate.” Ethan excitedly told me he put “Narna, orange” on his pancake. Savanna also remembered it is the year of the “Monkey.” In the Chinese New Year Tristan said they eat “Rice pudding” and Ethan said “New choes (clothes).”

Willow “This week we have been doing lots of art. We stood on a ladder and took a photo looking down on the different things within the classroom. We then tried to copy the photo on to a piece of paper using crayons and pastels. We also thought about different journeys we might like to go on and wrote our own stories. We really enjoyed playing outside on the grass, digging in the sand and climbing aboard the pirate ship. Throughout the week we presented our H2H projects to the class.” Reported by Alyzeh

Acorn morning children have been finishing learning about Chinese New Year. Sofia wrote, “monkey” because this is the Year of the Monkey. Alberto learnt to write the “a” for Alberto and lots of other children practised writing the first sounds in their name this week.  We also added a new shape to our bank of shapes, a semicircle!  Momin told us it had, “2 sides.” Another child said it looked like a hill.  Children enjoyed sharing what they already knew about other shapes too. As the weather has been so nice we have spent lots of time outside. Tabassum played in the sand, “I was playing with Amelia, and making a sunflower.”

12th February 2016

Willow “This week we were very excited to be celebrating Chinese New Year and Pancake Day. We had a pancake race outside and for Golden Time we ate real pancakes with strawberries, oranges, blueberries, sugar and lemon. They tasted nice. To celebrate Chinese New Year we made a stir fry, we cut peppers, onions and broccoli. We then ate it with chopsticks, it easy for me to pick the food up.  We also went to hall and did a dragon dance using the parachute. We also listened to Chinese music and moved like a dragon, rabbit, horse and tiger. It was all really fun!”  Reported by Haneen

Bluebell “Have learnt about Chinese new year, it is the year of the monkey. We found out if we were born in the year of the rabbit or the tiger. We chopped up vegetables and had noodles. We had to use chopsticks, it was a little tricky. We also wrote messages and got messages in our fortune cookies. We read Cleversticks and everyone could do something. We thought what we are good at. We also read Mr Wolf’s Pancakes and no one would help him and then he gobbled them up. We had pancakes for golden time.”

5th February 2016

Willow “We found teeth in a box wrapped in brown paper. We made posters and went to the classrooms to find out whose teeth they were. We also wrote letters to the people we thought the teeth might belong to, I think they are my brother Alfie’s teeth. We build a big, big house out of boxes and decorated it. I made a boat and a car and we put string on it to pull it.” Reported by Poppy and Ali Abbas


We still haven’t found out who the teeth belong to so please keep a lookout over the weekend for someone who might have lost their teeth. Thank You

Bluebell “Have learnt about Sonia Boyce. She made lovely family pictures. We put them in this gigantic ticket machine. She put lots of detail in her pictures. We posted letters and cards. In Maths we used our Numicon pieces, we had to sit with someone at our backs. We gave them a clue and they had to guess which Numicon pieces we had. We added them up and put the piece on top to cover it up. We tried to take away with them as well. We carried on painting by starting with a dark colour. It got lighter and lighter and lighter when you put in white and in the end you  put in all the white.” Clara.

29th January 2016 

Acorn morning “We have been making some penguins by gluing and sticking Maya told me. Gabriella added “They have black and white fur.” Sofia showed everyone how a penguin waddles. “And they swim in water” Eva said. I asked Acorn if they remember where penguins live and Momin replied “Ice” and some of the other children called out down South. Maya added that “Reindeer’s and  polar bears live up north.” Ria also told us that “Polar bears live in the snow.” “Lemmings are born underneath the snow” Maya added. Amelia told me that her and Tabassum were busy playing outside with the “Instruments” while Fatima drew a picture “Of mummy and Daddy.”

Acorn Afternoon  Dominic told me he has been learning his sounds ‘m’ and ‘a’. Hammad told us we have been learning about “Winter” and “Animals.” Ethan added “Bear.” Dominic said the “Arctic hare lives in the snow.” “Up north” added Savanna. Ethan then pointed down to the carpet meaning down South and told me that penguins and orca (killer whale) lives there pointing at the pictures. Tristan described the penguin saying it has “Flappers.” Ali further added about the orca is “Black on his mouth.” And Junior said “His back and flappers” are black. Savanna then finished off by saying “Water is dark and cannot see him” meaning his colour acts as a camouflage underwater.

22nd January 2016

Acorn morning class have had fun this week! “We’ve been playing with our friends” said Eva. Archie W remembers we’ve been learning about warming up. ”Yesterday we had a treat” Sophia said. Archie remembered that the hot chocolate was “creamy”. Momin liked working with shapes. Ria liked the diamond shape best of all. Archie M liked the hexagon. We looked at homes in the arctic: “The igloo looked like a good home for a penguin. I think there are beds inside”

Acorn afternoon class enjoyed the visit from the library van this week. Dominic chose a Kipper book “Kipper meets a mouse”.  Junior said “The Twirlywoos is my favourite book”. Ali said “I’ve had fun with the trains and we’ve been learning about winter animals”. Dominic remembered that some animals “hibernate” when it’s cold “That means sleeping”.  Dhanish said they’d enjoyed looking at ice but it was cold! He liked putting water in a balloon and a glove and making it turn into ice.  Ethan said the ice is gone now because it “melts”.

Willow. “We made a fruit kebab. We put strawberries, oranges, grapes or bananas on them.  We eated them at the end and they tasted yummy scrummy in our tummies. We made some instructions for the fruit kebabs, so people would know what to do. We played a game where we gave our partner a clue about a shape that is 3D or 2D and our partner had to guess what the shape was. On Monday Mr Muddle muddled up the 3D and 2D shapes and we had to do hard work to sort them into curves and no curves. Outside we liked playing with the water pipes. We got to fly the cars down them. We used numbers to know who the winner was.” Reported by Robin and Sam

Bluebell “We learnt about symmetry. It is like looking in a mirror and it is your reflection. It has to be the same on both of the sides. We made birds and we folded them in half and on each side it was the same pattern. We also made fruit kebabs and we had to design them first. then we made real ones! We tried to make it the same as our design, it was a little bit tricky. They tasted very nice, they were juicy, sweet and yummy.” Amelia and Maria


15th January 2016

Willow “We read The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch, the seagulls kept eating all of his lunch. They put mustard in the sandwiches to stop the seagulls eating it again. We found foods that are healthy, apples, tomatoes and broccoli. I tried broccoli a little bit and then loads and now I like it. We made a shape museum. We used playdough and dried spaghetti to make different 2D and 3D shapes. We had to find out if 3D shapes can roll, slide or stack them.”  Reported by  Sophie and Scarlett

Acorn morning children. Sofia told us about how she played with the penguins in the water.  Zoe told us that we added , “blue” and “glitter” to the water to make it snowy and icey. Momin pointed to the purple heptagon on the window as we had learnt about this new shape this week. “It has seven sides,” Archie M offered. This morning we had so much fun passing around some ice. Mila said, “It was cold. It’s melted and it’s kind of smaller.”

“Bluebell have learnt about an artist, Mondrian. He used red, yellow and blue, these are primary colours. We had to have a black line around the edge when we did our pictures.  We had the story The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. His lunch got taken by the seagulls. we thought of lots of ways to get it back: boats, build bridges, have bird seed and scare them away using a scarecrow. Have have learnt 3D shapes. We did an investigation to see if they rolled or slide down the slope and if you could stack them. The cylinder had three checks.” Maria and Hashim


8th January 2016

Acorn afternoon – Dominic said “We have been learning about shapes.” “A hexagon and it has 6 sides.” Savanna told us. Ethan has enjoyed playing with the trains and role playing in the kitchen area making “Cheese.” Savanna told me “My favourite is to play with the ponies.” Annie-Rose told us “I enjoyed painting today.” Dhanish added “I been counting.” Dhanish has further said “Counting the numbers on the clock in Bluebell.” “I liked playing with the puppets making a show about dinosaurs.” Ali said. Tristan enjoyed listening to nursery rhymes especially the ABC song. Junior enjoyed dressing up as a “Vampire.” he then further told us “The vampire gets the zombie and the ghost.”

“Bluebell have learnt about shapes having corners a triangle has 3 corners. We found one with 10 sides it’s a decagon and 8 sides which is a octagon. We learnt about 3D and 2D shapes, our water bottles are a cylinder. We found out that 3D shapes have faces, the cube has 6 faces. We watched some news videos . We have been talking to the camera being a reporter and somebody was filming us.” – by Ella and Austeja

Acorn morning children were learning about the news, “It was on the BBC, ” said Archie W. “It was in the studio,” he added. We also looked at shapes, including a new shape called a, “hexagon!” Eva told us.  She knows it has 6 sides.  Mila enjoyed being outside and, “playing with the buggies.”  Both Archies like playing with the wheelbarrows and the scooters. Gabriella enjoyed, “playing mummies and daddies with Eva and Maya.”  Tabassum and Amelia dressed up and had a party. What a fun week!

Willow “In Willow class this week we were ticking the shapes that we found. We were walking around all the classes. I found a rectangle and I found a circle light. We did PE with Adam and Liam in the hall. We learnt a new game called handball. we moved the ball around our knees, tummies and head. “We also watched the News of the weather and saw the man taking a video of lady and the man talking.” Reported by Hasnain and Olivia


12th November 2015

We have been so busy since we have come back from the half term holiday. In the first week we had so much fun learning about Bonfire Night. We made our own model fireworks using different materials and painted pictures of fireworks looking at different techniques such as printing and marble rolling. In our Literacy that week we were thinking about different adjectives to describe the noises that fireworks make. We then used these words to create a class poem. We used all of theses words to think of our own firework movements. We had so much fun making up actions for each different type of firework!

This week we have all been learning about the festival Diwali. We started by looking at what Diwali is, who celebrates it and why. We then went on to learn the story of Rama and Sita, we had such fun re-telling the story to each other. We made Diva lamps out of clay and decorated them. We learnt that in the Hindu culture sweets are given out to family and friends as part of the celebrations. So we decided to make our own to share! We have also made Rangoli patterns, listened to music from other cultures and  sequenced the story of Rama and Sita.

13th October 2015

Children have been thoroughly enjoying taking part in our At the Seaside Degrees.  Yesterday we played in the sand, made an ice cream van for the role play area and used papier mache to make beach balls.  We investigated floating and sinking by making boats out of recycled material.  Next week we are surprising children with an ice cream van and Miss Doyle is sending home a letter today asking you to make a donation of £1.20 so that your child can enjoy an ice cream.  Don’t forget you can attend our Degree Graduation ceremony next Friday the 23rd October at 2:30 to see photos of what we have been getting up to.


13th July 2015

As the last week of term is upon us we would like to inform you of some key dates as this is a very busy time of year.

Today is our whole school picnic which sadly will take place in the school hall but the fun element of a picnic will still be with us.

Wednesday morning is Sports day. Please see the letter that has been sent regarding the details and lets hope for dry weather!

Friday 17th July the school day finishes at 1.30pm.

If there are any questions please come and speak to one of the team.


23rd June 2015

The morning children in Acorn have decided that they want to learn about holidays and have been on a world-wide tour using Google Earth, decided what they wanted to pack to take with them and have created a picture based on listening to sounds of the seaside.

The afternoon children have branched out from pirates into water and have enjoyed creating their own boats and seeing if they would float or not.  They have also experimented with pouring water into different containers.

All the children have been listening to and joining in with a variety of different poems.  We hope to share one of the ones we have been practising (with actions) at Song and Rhyme tomorrow.


22nd June 2015

Many thanks to everyone who brought in a bottle of ‘something’ for the Tombola. Please remember to come along to the Hillfest fair, this Saturday 27th June 11am-2pm.

We also have Grandparents afternoon this Wednesday 24th June. Grandparents are invited to come along at 1.30pm to spend some time with their grandchildren in their class and show any particular interests they may have, then share cakes in the hall from 2.30-3.15pm. We are asking all children to kindly donate cakes and bring them in no earlier than Wednesday morning to their class teacher.


17th June 2015

Willow class are all very excited about the arrival of the caterpillars. We were all surprised to see just how quickly they have grown! We will keep you updated on their progress.

th_4472FA76-65E9-4898-9D7A-F40D09D40999    th_0F6D584E-9D89-4AAD-B452-09E7F43EC3F1    th_56FA4B85-F722-4C8C-BCB2-C4E789F54331


15th June 2015

Many thanks to all the parents who were able to help on Bluebell’s trip to Dedworth library last week. We really enjoyed asking questions to the Librarian and we wonder who remembers how many books the library store?

SAM_0072 SAM_0073

Please remember that it is Mufti day this Friday 19th June in exchange for a bottle for the Summer Fair on the 27th June.

20th May 2015

This week Bluebell have been busy designing posters for Hillfest, making sure they are eye-catching by being bright and colourful as well as having all the information on them. To continue with Jack and the Beanstalk we have looked at the life cycle of a bean and how it grows from a seed to eventually giving us beans to eat. Today we will be looking at sequencing the story and writing a sentence about what is happening in the story. The children’s sketch books are looking amazing! Our next step is to think about designing a 3D flower that we can build after half term, we will think about labelling our design with the equipment we will need. Finally this week during Maths groups we have been looking at doubling and have painting butterflies showing that the have the same amount of spots each side. It was exciting to see what happened when we folded our paper in half and it magically made a complete butterfly.



19th May 2015

Willow class have been very busy taking care of their bean plants. Hopefully in a month or so, they might even grow some tasty beans for us to eat!

Look at how tall they have grown!


19th May 2015

Last week the children who attend the morning session in Acorn went on a dinosaur hunt, following clues such as noises and footprints. They found a cracked egg but sadly no dinosaur.  They have decided it has gone off to live in the jungle.  The children have been busy painting dinosaur pictures and enjoying playing with toy ones in sand.

The afternoon children went on a treasure and pirate hunt.  The pirates they were trying to find were very careless or were obviously running away in a bit of a hurry as they left their treasure out for the children to find.  The children are in the process of painting pirate pictures and learning pirate songs.

The sunflower and tomato seeds are growing well and the children are daily checking on their progress.  They are also talking about how their sunflower is growing at home.

18th May 2015

Welcome to the last week of this term. The children break up this Friday at 3.30pm and return to school on Tuesday 2nd June.

Thank you to all the adults who were able to help on the Forest School trips. Watch this space for more photos!

Please don’t forget Song and Rhyme this Wednesday morning and lunchtime (in Acorn) and Open afternoon on Wednesday afternoon.

Remember your wigs and pyjamas for the Mufti day this Friday.

14th May 2015

I am sure you have already heard lots about Willows trip to the Forest School yesterday. Whilst we were there we had a fantastic time exploring our surroundings, building dens, climbing and balancing along logs, taking a stroll through the darker part of the forest and lying down on the ground and looking up at the very tall trees. Before leaving the Forest School we built our very own camp fire, which we later cooked chocolate bananas on.

th_877BBCD2-FC9D-4A83-B949-163E7416A96A[1]  th_667EFD43-70B8-4018-8E93-667664A2D314[1]  th_41D0044D-BCA1-4CD5-94F8-9182BC4A327C[1]

th_0AFFD47E-5DD5-49D6-A53C-1162A5877546[1]   th_CB86CCD7-710E-4151-B011-89503985C268  SAM_0006 SAM_0008 SAM_0011

13th May 2015

Bluebell had such an amazing time at the forest school yesterday. There were so many great opportunities for the children to be involved in. We made dens, collected different natural materials and made pictures, went to explore the deep dark part of the forest and so many more things. We read the story of The Stickman and some of us went away to make our own Stickman. To finish off the day we enjoyed a camp fire, the children loved collecting sticks to put in it and watching as we cooked on it. Thank you so much to all the adults that came with us to help, you were fantastic.

11th May 2015

We hope you have enjoyed the weekend. The sun certainly seems to help!

We are very much looking forward to our two Forest School trips this week. Thank you to all the parents/grandparents that have volunteered to come along and help us. Mrs Solomon will chat to you on each of the mornings to guide you through the day.

Please don’t forget to send your child to school with a waterproof jacket with a hood, trousers that are long enough to cover the ankles (no shorts or skirts) and a pair of Wellington boots.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you all and lets keep our fingers crossed that the rain holds off!
8th May 2015

Over the last two weeks Acorn have been planting seeds and observing how they have changed on a daily basis.  Yesterday the children came home with a sunflower seed in a plastic cup so that they can share this exciting learning experience with you.  Don’t forget that there is a hole in the bottom of the cup to allow for excess water to drain out!

Last Friday morning (1st May) one of our governors joined us for ‘Dinosaurs under the Wonderscope’ where we had an exciting time discussing what we already knew and how we might take our learning forward.  This week we have been busy counting dinosaurs, labelling a dinosaur and investigating how they move in our sand tray!

The new afternoon children are settling in and have been busy exploring the classrooms and outside area.  We have been dressing up and role-playing pirates, investigating different boats in the water tray and enjoying rolling, squeezing and squashing clay.

7th May 2015

Buttercup, the milking cow


Today we were very lucky to have Buttercup, the milking cow come to visit. During her stay, each child was given the opportunity to experience the traditional milking method and together we learnt all about the journey of milk, from the cow to the breakfast table.


6th May 2015

Unfortunately, due to the weather Bluebell were forced to cancel their visit to Dedworth Library this afternoon. As much as the children were disappointed we had much fun with our parent volunteers within the classroom and some of us enjoyed splashing in the puddles left behind from the downpours.

We have been able to reschedule the visit,  so Bluebell will now visit the library on Wednesday 10th June at 1.30pm.

Thank you to all the parents who gave up their afternoon to stay with us.



6th May 2015

We have had a very busy few weeks in Bluebell learning all about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have planted our own beanstalks and have thought about what they would need in order to grow. We will be keeping bean diaries throughout the term to see how much they grow. In Maths we discovered a letter from Jack asking us to help him work out which container would be best to carry the most beans in. We were all very excited about having to try and help him. We then wrote letters back to Jack to explain to him what we had found out. To continue looking at growing we are going to do lots of artwork around flowers. This week we will start by making a flower collage.

We can’t wait to visit Dedworth Library this afternoon. Hopefully it stays dry!


28th April 2015

The morning Acorn children have decided that they want to know more about dinosaurs and therefore will be putting dinosaurs under the ‘Wonderscope’ this week.  They have taken advantage of the dry weather to do most of their learning outside, playing chasing games, looking for patterns and drawing in chalk on the ground.

The new afternoon children are starting their first full week following their home visit and taster sessions.  The existing children have made them feel so welcome by showing them where all our resources are and in helping them to settle in.  The afternoon children have decided that they want their Experienceology focus to be pirates and have come up with some great ideas such as finding out the songs that they sung and how they buried their treasure.


Last week in Willow class we had a very unusual parcel left for us. When opening the parcel we found a giant set of keys and a packet of climbing beans. After lots of discussion about whom or where they might of come from, we decided to read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This week we have been busy planting our beans, making our very own bean diary and spotting giant numbers.

We are all very excited about our Library tomorrow and I’m sure you will be hearing lots about it!

27th April 2015

As we welcome in a new week we would like to apologise for an error that was on a recent letter regarding Bluebell’s trip to the library.

We would like to confirm that Willow class are visiting the library this Wednesday afternoon (29th April) and Bluebell will be going on Wednesday 6th May also after lunch. We are so sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Bluebell’s trip to the Forest School which in on 12th May and Willow’s which is the 13th May are yet to be confirmed because as at present we do not have enough parent helpers,  so if you are available to help all day (no siblings allowed) please do talk to a member of staff.
the woodland team learning update april 2015
20th April 2015

Welcome back and a special welcome to our new children and parents who are joining our Acorn class this week.

Just a reminder that both Willow and Bluebell class still require parent helpers for both the Library  and the Forest school visits. Without your help we will be unable to go due to the ratio of adults to children.

30th March 2015

As we enter into our final four days of term we look forward to a fun-filled week of Easter activities.
The children will be walking to All Saints church in Dedworth on Tuesday 31st March. Please let your class teacher know if you are available to help the children walk there. We will be leaving school at approximately 9.30am.

If any parents/carers are having a spring clear out over the holidays we are looking for old wellington boots of any size. These will be used to create flower and vegetable displays throughout the FS outdoor area.

We hope you have a relaxed, safe holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday 20th April.

25th March 2015

In Willow class this week we have been continuing our learning all about the body. On Monday, the children were very excited about becoming an author for the day and making their very own ‘My body facts book’. We thought carefully about all the different interesting facts that we had found out over the last few weeks, including how many bones are in the body and identifying the top 5 organs. Later on today we will be presenting our books to the children in Acorn class which we are all very excited about.

25th March 2015

We have been very busy in Bluebell learning all about Space. As you can see from our display we have gone from learning about the moon and thinking about what we would pack in our suitcases if we were going on a trip there. We created our own aliens using lots of different craft materials and made 3D rockets using bottles, looking carefully at our design that we had made the previous day. We learnt all about find half and quarters of shapes by making our own planets to cut up. We are still continuing the space theme this week and have been writing our own stories that are set in space. we will be turning these into the children’s own books. Later today we will be using a stomp rocket and measuring to see how far it goes. Look out for our results!

We also really enjoyed the visit from Nathan Fox, it really made us so enthusiastic about sports, we didn’t want our circuit training to finish.


24th March 2015

In Acorn over the last three weeks we have enjoyed dressing up as Superheroes or wearing red and white for Red Nose Day and coming into school as our favourite character from a book. This has enabled us to talk about our favourite book characters and superheroes. The morning children have been enjoying role-playing and acting out the story, ‘The Bear in the Cave’ as well as ‘Room on the Broom’. The afternoon children have enjoyed going on a bear hunt based on the story, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

The puppet theatre in the classroom has staged many performances of stories and songs from many different Woodland children. We have been so lucky that the weather has stayed dry which has allowed many children to spend their time outside investigating the first signs of Spring as well as being very active.

23rd March 2015

We hope you have all had a chance to look at your child’s Learning Journey that came home last Friday. It looks slightly different now we are using the ‘2build a Profile’ programme which is now on the staff ipads. This is the format you will receive when we begin to e-mail you your child’s learning in the near future and we would welcome any feedback you have.

If you were unable to attend the parent workshops that we ran last Monday and Tuesday, please find a link to the presentation below. Any questions please see Mrs Solomon or your class teacher.

2 buildaprofile information
18th March 2015

Some dates to note:

  • 29.4.15 Bluebell class will be visiting Dedworth Library for a talk and a story in the afternoon.
  • 6.5.15 Willow class will be visiting Dedworth Library for a talk and a story in the afternoon.
  • 12.5.15 Bluebell class will be travelling by coach to the Forest school in the Great Park for the whole school day.
  • 13.5.15 Willow class will be travelling by coach to the Forest school in the Great Park for the whole school day.

A letter will be coming home to you in the next couple of weeks. We ask that if any parents are available to either walk to the library with us or spend the day  at the Forest school that you let your class teacher know.


Thank you to all the parents who have come in to read to the children. They really enjoy having you in school. If there are any other parents/carers who would like to come and read to either the whole class or a small group, please see the class teacher.




23rd February 2015

Welcome back!
We hope you all enjoyed the half term break. It is lovely to hear all the children’s news from their week and for the children in Willow and Bluebell, they have completed half of their first school year at Hilltop!
You may have seen that the staff in the Woodland team have started to use iPads to assess the children which is a far more convenient and up to date alternative to what we have used in the past. More information will be coming to you in the form of a letter very shortly.

10th February 2015
We are looking forward to meeting you all this week for our next parent teacher consultations. Also on Friday we are holding the H2H Exhibition in the hall, from 9.00am. We hope to see you there!

10th February 2015
Last week the morning children in Acorn enjoyed the snow. They had so much fun playing in it but sadly by lunchtime it had all but disappeared. The afternoon children were keen to talk about their snow experiences at home which led onto a discussion about the different seasons. This week they are very keen on investigating the percussion instruments and the variety of sounds that they make.

4th February 2015
Willow have been going animal crazy this week! We’re looking at the story of The Tiger That Came to Tea but changing the characters to create our own stories. We’ve had suggestions of elephants coming home for tea through the windows! Gorillas having tea but then smashing all the plates and cups! As well as a dolphin who would have to have tea in the bath! Look out for Willow’s imaginative stories coming soon!

4th February 2015

Bluebell have been very busy these last few weeks really focusing on our experienceology about castles. We have spent a lot of time designing and labeling our own castles. We then used our designs to make our own junk modelling castles. We used sponges to create a brick effect with the paint. We have gone down the route of dragons and have looked at the book Zog at the start of this week. Yesterday we created our own dragons and thought about the exciting words we could use to describe them. We had lots of fun putting these words onto labels and post it notes.

2nd February 2015

Welcome to February!
Thank you to all parents/carers that attended our ‘shopping event’ on Friday afternoon. It was a complete success and the children gained so much from it. One child was seen counting all his money out on the table and adding up how much he would need in order to purchase what he wanted, which made all the children’s and adult’s hard work worth it.

Thank you to all who attended Mrs Griffith’s workshop on maths. If there is anything else you would like the team to cover, please see a member of staff.

We also had a few parents into read to their child’s class last week. The children’s faces said it all!
Please feel free to come in and read to either a smaller group or the whole class and don’t be frightened to come more than once.

26th January 2015

This week sees the start of our Maths focussed degree which will be happening every afternoon. The children will have some very exciting opportunities to experience making models with clay, weaving, baking and many more, all in preparation to sell to you all on Friday. The whole concept of making items for their parents/carers to purchase will be fantastic so please save your 1p, 2p and 5ps for the grand event.

Thank you to all who attended the writing workshop last Tuesday. We spoke about many things, including using ‘Mr Thorn’ to help us with the phonic sounds. This can be found by searching through a search engine and typing in his name. Let us know if you have trouble finding him, as we believe its a valuable resource.

Don’t forget our Maths workshop with Mrs Griffiths, this Thursday at 3.45pm in Willow.

Miss Artis is also collecting empty, plastic milk bottles with their lids on so please save them if you can!

21st January 2015

Bluebell have been so enthusiastic with their new experienceology based around castles. This week we carried out an experiment to see which material would be best to build a castle from, wood or stone. We looked and felt the different materials and made a prediction. the following day we worked out a test to see which was the strongest. We found out that stone would be a much better material to build a castle from.
We would like to build a castle outside using empty plastic milk cartons, if you have any at home please could you bring them in for us to use, thank you.

Thank you to everyone who attended the mark-making and writing workshop yesterday.

20th January 2015

It has been fantastic to see our new children settling into Acorn. They have been busy learning new routines, playing with the toys and making new friends. Many children have been busy making all sorts of different things and experimenting with glue, masking tape and sellotape. The colder weather has given us an opportunity to investigate the frost and ice and of course, dream of snow!

Don’t forget our mark-making and writing workshop after school today at 3.40pm in Bluebell / Willow.

13th January 2015

This week it has wonderful to see so many new children within Acorn class. All the older children have been very nurturing and excited to see so many siblings and we haven’t had many tears so happy faces all round.

Please remember that we would love to see parents or carers in to read to either the whole class or a small group. The children especially like to see you in school and you can choose their favourite story! Please speak to one of the team to arrange a time. We will be as flexible as we can.

7th January 2015

A very Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a marvellous break and are excited for the new year ahead.
A huge thank you for all the wonderful, unexpected gifts and cards the staff received. We were all thoroughly spoiled.
Mrs Solomon and Miss Edmondson are busy visiting new children to Acorn this week within their home environment. Thank you to all the families who have allowed us to do this as it is such a valuable experience for both the children and the staff in settling into life at Hilltop.
The new children will be joining us for taster sessions on Thursday and Friday and then begin their journey with us formally on Monday 12th January. We look forward to their arrival.

10th December 2014

Well done Woodland for another fantastic performance. One more to go!

Next week is Christingle when we will be making our own on Tuesday and then walking to the church for the service on Wednesday. Please could each child bring in an orange, or a bag of oranges, to make their Christingles, as mentioned before. Please ensure they are not satsumas or clementines. Thank you.

9th December 2014

The children performed for the very first time in front of their families today and be assured, they were amazing! The confidence and enjoyment was felt by all and all the staff are extremely proud of everybody. We are looking forward to the next couple of performances over the next two days.

Some dates for your diary for the remainder of the term;

10th; Christmas performance 9.30am

11th; Christmas performance 4.15pm

12th; PTA Secret Santa (this will be throughout the day and following onto Monday 15th if not all children finish)

16th; Breakfast For All (Parents/Carers are invited to come and share breakfast with your children from 7.45am) Christmas Party (Children can come to school wearing ‘Party clothes’ but please ensure they are appropriate and warm)

17th; Christingle (Children will walk down to All Saints Church for 10am)

18th; School Christmas Lunch

19th; Children finish school at 1.30pm


3rd December 2014

It is beginning to look very Christmassy in Bluebell and Willow. It was so  exciting when we got to put up the Christmas tree and hang up all the decorations. Some children even wanted to make  their own decorations to go on. We have made an explosion of paper chains which you will see up and around the classrooms. Woodland have been doing so well practicing for the play, making sure they have big, loud voices, ready for the rehearsal today.

1st December 2014

As the start of Advent is upon us, the children are becoming more and more excited! Who knows if we will have a visitor join us in Woodland over the next couple of weeks ……

Please ensure that the children have brought their pyjamas into school, in a named bag and that all the different pieces are all labelled with a name. Many thanks.

The children have a few more weeks of term and with performances, a party and a Christmas lunch, they will become quite tired over this period. Lots of early nights and cuddles might be required as some of them complete their second term at school.

28th November 2014

Bluebell have been so excited learning all about Little Red Riding Hood over the last two weeks. They really showed me they know the story well when they had put all the pictures in the correct order. We learnt what the word characters meant and they could say the different characters in this story. We made freeze frames pretending to be different characters from the story and our friends had to guess who we were. We made posters warning people to be careful of the Big bad Wolf, which we stuck up in our forest.

25th November 2014

‘Frozen fever’ has taken hold in Woodland over the last two weeks.  The children have been very busy dressing up in costumes, singing songs from the film and inventing their own games, such as ‘Frozen School’ and ‘Frozen Ballet’.  As the weather has turned colder they are beginning to demonstrate a fascination with ice.  We wonder where this will lead next…

24th November 2014

Last week saw another Parent Workshop based on communication and the discussion around this was brilliant, so thank you to all the parents and grandparents who attended. We spoke about the importance of open ended questioning and what questions we can ask the children in order to find out what has happened during their school day. We also discussed ‘communication hotspots’ where we find the children talking freely and where the most discussion happens. One parent commented that the most important conversation she has with her son is at bedtime when she spends half an hour with him whilst he calms down from the day. It is then that he opens up about his day and discussion flows between himself and his mummy. This is certainly something that the staff will try at home with their own children!

Shortly,  there will be a link to the various levelling of questions we can ask  and a list of twenty questions to ask your child after school.


After School Questions


Types of Questions



The next Parent workshop is on 20th January 2015 at 3.35pm. It will be based on Mark making and writing.

17th November 2014

The children have been very productive with Mrs Pawluk and have been recording what they would like to see outside every day to enhance their learning. The children have enjoyed being much more involved in this process and it will hopefully give them much more independence of their learning.

We were extremely proud of all the children for participating in the two minute silence for Remembrance day on Tuesday.  The children had many questions for us about why we are quiet and many understood the reasons behind it. One child commented “I walked all around the Poppies (at the Tower of London) and it was so many, I was so tired!”

Reminder; Please don’t forget the ‘Every Child a Talker’ parent workshop on Tuesday 18th November at 3.40pm! It will be based around communication and how we can continue to improve this with our children.

12th November 2014

We have had such a busy first week back at school. It was lovely to hear all the exciting things you got up to during the holidays! We have been looking closely at Autumn and all the changes that happen throughout the season. We collected lots of natural materials from outside and thought about the ways we could sort them into different groups.

We also all thoroughly enjoyed our Museum of Stuff degree. It was so exciting to dig up old coins and dinosaur bones! We then added to our museum  pictures, models and information about the exhibits. On the final day we invited children from other classes to come to visit our museum. The children welcomed our guest through the reception area where they had to buy tickets before following the sign saying ‘way in’. They were then given a guided tour around the museum before leaving through the door labelled ‘exit’.


21st October 2014

Don’t forget, the Grapheme Chart/Sounds Parent Workshop after school in Willow at 3.40 tomorrow!

October 2014

It has been fantastic to see all the interest from Willow and Bluebell classes around superheroes. There has been so much role play based around this where the hero has to save the day! Bluebell and Willow have been creating masks, using shapes to design our own superheroes and wondering what their super power would be. We found out more about which were our classes’ favourite by carrying out a survey and recording it on a tally chart. We all really enjoyed learning how to do this! There have been some beautiful poems being written about how we would describe what our favourite superhero looked like, remembering to use really exciting vocabulary. It will be fantastic to see where our superhero journey takes us next!


Acorn morning class are journeying through the world of make believe at the moment, initially through the book they love – ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and are having their own style of ‘Rumpus’!

Whilst the Acorn afternoon class are driving trains and buses to Legoland and Disneyland, having already visited Space. Where next we wonder.

Wednesday 15th October

Parents evening was a huge success. Thank you all for your continued support.

Tuesday 14th October

The staff have really enjoyed seeing so many parents during Parents Evening and we look forward to talking to many more of you tomorrow night.

Thank you for coming




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