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Thank you to those who attended our workshops on Thursday. We were impressed with how many parents attended the Phonics Year 1 workshop. Unfortunately the Year 2 workshop was a little disappointing as we had a lower number of parents attending than expected. The Year 2 workshop looked at examples of Year 2 SATs reading papers.

Please try your best to attend these workshops.  I have uploaded the PowerPoint which was shown to parents last week. 

Reading Workshop PP

Thank you for your ongoing support.                                                                                                Miss Romanay.




What a wonderful sight to see such creative H2H projects come in to Team Enchantment today! The variety of ideas is so interesting and the amount of effort that has clearly gone into some is outstanding. We’d love to say thank you to the adults who have supported their children in creating these projects as independently as they can. The presentations have begun and Meadow’s Success Criteria for a good presentation includes:

  • Use a loud, clear voice,
  • Make sure you have a big smile,
  • Give clear details and let everyone see your project,
  • Be interesting!
  • If you’re in the audience, listen carefully and ask sensible questions.

Once all presentations are complete, we’ll be picking 4 children from each class to receive a certificate during our H2H assembly. The certificates are for Effort, Independence, Creativity and Originality. If only we could award more!




This week has seen the Year 1s really focus on their phonics as they completed their phonics assessments with Miss Kinghorn, Miss Artis and Miss Smith. What really struck us was the confidence in which the children read the  real and nonsence words, showing us that we had prepared them well throughout the year and the progress they have made since the first day of Year 1 is wonderful. All the adults in Team Enchantment are beyond proud of the children and would like to thank all those at home who have supported the children with their reading. You have done a super job. 😀 


Elsewhere in Team E:

  • Meadow held their own mini Olympics in the sunshine, complete with horse riding, cycling and synchronised diving events (hilarious sights)!
  • Castle made and sampled some yummy looking fruit kebabs using tropical fruits.
  • Treetops have taken the time to relax a little and enjoy some story telling, particularly the story of The Enormous Turnip which they have already begun working on!


The sunshine really does put an extra spring into everyone’s step each day and it has been glorious taking advantage of it. The only down side is that by the end of the day, everyone is rather warm and sleepy! Please continue to apply suncream to the children before they come to school and supply them with a sunhat.





The first week of the last half term of the year has finished! Can you believe it?! We’ve already got lots done this week, including DT University Degrees which have been incredibly successful. Congratulations to all of the children in Team E who were recognised for their excellence when completing these.

This half term, Team E will be busy with:

  • Assessments
  • H2H
  • Meeting new teachers
  • Saying goodbye to older students
  • Having some fun!




If you were in this morning’s Celebration Assesmbly, you will not have failed to notice the pride emanating from both Miss Kinghorn (on Miss Romanay’s behalf) and Miss Smith. We spoke about how impressed we have been with the Year 2s this half term as they have faced the challenge of taking their SATs quizzes. They are now all complete and we have great reason to feel so proud; the children have done really well. They (and we!) are exhausted after such a big push and we hope that all the Team Enchantment families enjoy a very restful half term.

See you on Monday 5th June. 🙂





As you will have read in the latest newsletter, the children in Year 2 are in the midst of sitting their SATs tests in Reading and Maths. There is a lot to read in the press about SATs and a great deal of varying opinion. Below is an article I saw recently which we felt summed up the SATs rather well.

At Hilltop, we aspire for each child to reach their absolute personal best in their learning. We count every child as an individual and we, as teaching staff, celebrate the smallest of successes for every child, noting especially the progress a child has made throughout their school journey. We also value the child as a whole; enjoying how funny, caring or mature they are and we celebrate that with equal measure to maths and english.

Therefore, whilst we focus on supporting the children through these very tricky assessments, please ensure that you are supporting them by having fun with them, letting them relax and noting how hard they are working at school.

Keep going Year 2s, you’re making us proud!

Team E 🙂




If any of you have seen me walking around school recently, you will have seen my rather ridiculus, enormous grin. I am SO happy to be back at Hilltop having been away for a few months and well and truly feel like I’m back home. Thank you for such a warm welcome.


I have been utterly overwhelmed by what I have seen in Team Enchantment since being back. Treetops have been working intensely on their phonics, gearing up for the statutory Year 1 phonics assessment that is coming up in June. Miss Artis is making sure that phonics is featured throughout the day in the classroom to keep the momentum going. Keep going Treetops (and Miss Artis!), it is paying off!

I barely noticed that Castle were even in the room when I visited them and Miss Romanay the other day. Their commitement to practising skills for their SATs quizzes is so impressive. They were working silently and I could see them applying all the skills they have aquired from Miss Romanay over the year. They are tricky assessments but they have the knowledge so keep going Castle (and Miss Romanay)!

And finally, my lovely Meadow. It has been the biggest joy to be back with you. I have missed you. I am SUCH a proud teacher and am overwhelmed with how much progress you have made. I’ve had the pleasure of working with year 1s with their phonics and have seen just how much input many of the children have had at home to support this – thank you. The year 2s and I have been working our way through masterclasses and practice quizzes in preparation for the SATs in reading and maths. As I always say, ‘Practice makes perfect’ and the children really are working their socks off.


Team Enchantment are lucky enough to have so many super adults working with them to not only push the academic side of school, but also the pastoral side too. Miss Romanay, Miss Foad, Miss Artis, Miss Simpson, Mrs Adams, Miss Crawford-Smith, Miss Armas, Miss Kinghorn, Miss Lee and Mrs Johnson have ensured that the children I came back to are kind, polite, creative and joyful people who are a pleasure to teach.

It’s good to be back!

Miss Smith 😀 




In Team Enchantment this week we have working very hard on some maths and reading quizzes. The children are learning to read the questions carefully and thinking of ways to find the answer. We will be continuing to complete quizzes next week. Please remind your child to complete their learning pack which will be support their learning in class.

It was fabulous to see the children dressed up yesterday for World Book Day. The children carried out some exciting World Book Day tasks and spoke about their favourite book or character. Thank you to those of you who helped with costumes.

“I got dressed up as Queen Elsa because I chose the book ‘Frozen’ and the title was ‘A sister more like me’” Maria, Treetops.

“I really enjoyed doing the ‘Word Book Hunt!’ We had to find some words and lots of characters and objects in books! It was fun!” Aria, Castle.

“I was dressed up as Spiderman and we did a fashion show! At the end of the day, we read some amazing books!” Soloman, Meadow.


After a hectic few weeks, we have come to the end of another term! The children have been fabulous this week after hearing the news of Mrs Clark. We have enjoyed showing Mrs Clark our fantastic work to make her feel proud of us.

Castle have been busy showing some classes their ‘Kings and Queens’ books which they have been creating over the last couple of weeks. The adults are stunned by the amount of effort the children have put in and it was great to see the whole process from the researching skills to writing the facts.

Meadow have been busy completing quizzes this week which they will continue to complete after half term. The children have written facts on their favourite monarch too. After half term, they will be looking at letter writing.

Treetops have been very creative this week making pictures of castles in the style of Paul Klee. The children linked this work with some maths skills as they discussed the shapes they used.

It has been a busy term! Please take the time to look at the work in your child’s Sharing Folders which we are very proud of. We hope the children have a well-deserved rest ready to come back to us. Please remember to complete the learning pack. Learning packs are due to come back in and returned to you (due to assessments) on Thursday 23rd February.


Hello! It was fantastic to see so many of you at yesterday’s Maths workshop for Year 1 and Year 2. Miss Artis discussed and demonstrated ways to calculate number sentences with resources we use in school. You may like to use something very similar (pasta, toys, etc.) at home to mirror these methods to support your child’s learning.

For our Year 2 workshop, we looked at what a working towards the expected level, working at the expected level and working at greater depth level looks like. We looked at and discussed the objectives. Here is the link to see these in more detail and as I mentioned, please do scroll down to see examples of children’s work.

We then looked at a practice SATs Maths paper for both arithmetic and reasoning. Here are the links for you to have a look at and begin to practice if you wish to. 

Arithmetic paper

Reasoning paper

Please remember, these tests are administrated in May. We will be covering methods and strategies when we feel it is appropriate for the children are ready to move onto next steps. They must initially have a secure understanding of number and calculation.

I do hope these workshops have been useful for you all.

Miss Romanay


Thank you to those who attended the writing workshops . We hope you found the workshops useful.

As promised, here is a link to the Year 2 dfe website. During the workshop, we looked at examples of a working towards expected level, working at the expected level and working at greater depth.

The link will allow you to look at the same examples shown at the workshop.

Thank you again for all your support as always.



What a week! We have been busy rehearsing away the Christmas play which is slowly but surely coming together. Next week, on Thursday we will be going to Norden Farm to see a performance as part of our English learning experience. We are very excited!

Thank you those who attended the workshops on Tuesday after school. This was the best attendance we have ever had in Team Enchantment. We aim to run these workshops to support you in supporting your child at home. As promised, following the Year 2 SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) workshop, I have provided the direct link where you can download and view the practice SATs paper. It is important to remember, we will be covering all the material in class throughout the year and these papers are designed for Year 2 children to complete at the end of the year.

We also provided a SPaG booklet in the learning packs which is a helpful guide for parents and children (which we went through as part of the workshop). Each child should have one of these in their learning pack. If your child is missing this, please click below to download it.

SPaG Parent Guidance

Many thanks again for all you support.

Team Enchantment



Yesterday’s trip to The Pirate Park was absolutely wonderful! The sun was shining, the children looked superb in their pirate gear and their behaviour was excellent. As we walked, we commented on the route we were taking, road names, important buildings and traffic. The children spent about an hour playing on the equipment with a break for a snack. We overheard them using some very accurate vocabulary for the pirate ships based on what we have studied and it was clear that their play was influenced by all their learning this past half term. The walk back (uphill!) took a little longer after such an active morning but we made it back in time for lunch. Pirate maps of our route through Dedworth took up our afternoon and it was great to see how much the children had gained from their morning out. Team Enchantment would like to say a huge thank you to all parents who created such vibrant costumes and a special thank you to the fabulous parent helpers who were such a support.

Here’s looking forward to the next Team E trip….1st December!

dsc04324 dsc04390 dsc04407dsc04445


This week, Team Enchantment held its first Parent Workshop. This one was about Learning Packs and it was wonderful to see so many supportive faces. We hope it was useful for you. We will be holding more workshops throughout the year and can tailor them to what you would find helpful in order to make them as beneficial as possible. Please do ask any questions on how best to support your children at home because it really is such a valuable part of any child’s education. Just make an appointment with us and we will help you as much as possible.

We look forward to seeing you again at Parent Consultations next week where we will be sharing targets for your children to be working on at home as well as in school.

Team E


We have had a very exciting week in Team Enchantment as the children have been voting for their class school councillors. Well done to the children who were selected. The classes have also been working well in class and we have been looking at adjectives and using them in poems.

Team Enchantment will be holding a parent workshop on Thursday 29th September at 3.40 p.m. The workshop will be an opportunity for teachers to discuss the learning packs with you and how to support your child at home with their learning. Please come along next week. Miss Smith and Miss Artis will be leading the workshop in Meadow class for Year 1 children and parents. Miss Romanay will be leading the workshop in Castle class for Year 2 children and parents.

We are very keen to bid for the Schools Participatory Budget Scheme which will allow us to gain some money for Hilltop.~Please take a few minutes to vote for Hilltop and to support the school . The current voting round is due to close on Friday 25 November 2016 at 12 noon.

You are able to vote via the RBWM website but you can also access the voting page directly at~~



Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Roald Dahl birthday quiz - how well do you know your Dahl? Quentin Blake

Today, schools across the UK celebrated what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. In honour of this, the Hilltop children dressed up as characters from some of his best known stories and looked absolutely super. We had lots of wise Matildas, smart Willy Wonkas and even an Enormous Crocodile! Thank you for your support in finding suitable outfits, it really added to the occasion.

In the heat of the afternoon, the children got together to watch a live stream from Puffin where we learnt about Roald Dahl’s life and stories. The children had a drawing lesson from Quentin Blake (the illustrator of most of Dahls books and poems) and got to vote for who they thought was the best villain of all. After watching a scene from Matilda: The Musical, the children decided they were glad Miss Trunchball was not in charge of Hilltop!

img_1549 img_1547


What a lovely first week back we‘ve had! We really feel we can see a big difference in how grown up the children seem since before the summer holidays. This week has been full of opportunities for the adults to get to know the children and plan ahead for the best way to support them.

Reflecting on the week, Olivia in Treetops said “I took my time to draw a forest for my Sharing Folder front cover.” Jimmy in Meadow said “We pretended to be swimming in the sea looking for sea animals it was really fun.” Faith in Castle said “I like the view of the castle. I got to show my Nanny in Stay and Play.”

img_1359 img_1394 dsc03867


The children had a fantastic day in the outside environment with some exciting and creative tasks. We looked at an artist Mark Rothko and discussed how his pictures and paintings looked at landscapes. The classes had the opportunity to paint a picture in the style of Mark Rothko thinking about the landscape of the field using paint and sponges.

They also carried out a traffic survey. The children were very enthusiastic and they enjoyed seeing the vehicles and passengers pass by with a wave. We also had some multi-skills activities set out and the parachute.

“I enjoyed with the parachute because it was fun. We played cats and mice” Krishan Patel.

“I liked playing with the ladders’ Saifan Malik.

 “I liked the traffic survey because it was fun and I saw lots of cars. I was surprised with the results” Tasesha Veerasoo.




Team Enchantment have been busy this week completing their last set of assessments of the year. All Year Ones and Twos have done reading and maths quizzes and shown off all the new skills they have acquired.

As well as this, Meadow have had a Peter Rabbit themed picnic complete with radishes, blackberries and camomile tea. Castle have designed their own front covers for The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Treetops have been investigating and looking after an avocado plant.

A busy week!DSC03590



This week, the Year 2 work has been moderated by borough professionals. This is a common process that happens to all schools every four years in order to build up a whole picture of the progress of 6 and 7 year old in the borough. The two ladies who visited us were so impressed with the range of evidence we showed them from our super Year 2s (they look at a 10% sample of reading, writing and maths evidence) and agreed how hard the children have worked this year. The Year 2s have been aware that we would be showing off their work and one child said before doing some writing, “Well, we need to make sure it’s really good then!”

We will be having lots of fun towards the end of the half term and really enjoying the last few weeks as Team Enchantment.


26. 5.16

It is hard to believe we have reached the end of the first part of the Summer term. It has been a very busy time and the children (and us!) are absolutely exhausted. Our year 2s, as well as all other 6 and 7 years olds in the country, have been sitting their SATs in reading, SPaG and maths. We can’t express how proud we are of all the children. The sheer amount of work they have done in the last 5 months in preparation has been immense and they have coped well during a very grown up time in their school lives. They thoroughly deserve a good break.

Statutory phonics assessments for the year 1s will take place in June and we will do one last assessment on all the children in KS1 in maths and English so keep up all the amazing reading and Learning Pack support at home.

We will, however, be making plenty of time to appreciate the sunshine and take the opportunity to enjoy the last half term together as classes and as a team.

Have a wonderful break and we’ll see you on Tuesday 7th June 2016DSC03115



We had such a wonderful Stay and Play with our year 1 parents on Thursday, the atmosphere felt so lively and happy! We hope that you enjoyed spending time in school with your child, the children absolutely loved it! Joshua from Treetops class said, “I really liked my Dad being with me because he helped me make a really good Lego model.”

Thank you to all of the year 2 parents who attended our assessment workshop, we hope that you found it valuable.

All of the children are working extremely hard. Please ensure that they are getting plenty of rest at home so they have all of the energy they need at school.

Here are some photos of the exciting Stay and Play!

DSC02276 DSC02279

DSC02277 DSC02280


Following the year 2 parent workshop this afternoon please use the following link to access the power point presentation, which includes the links to the sample papers.

Year 2 Assessment

Thank you to all of those who attended and we hope that you found it helpful. Thank you also to all of the parents who came to our year 1 open afternoon, it was lovely sharing their work with you and giving the children the chance to talk about their work with you.

Most children have handed in their learning packs today, well done to all of you! If you still have it at home, please bring it to school so that we can put in the new work and check previous work. It is so important that you complete this and hand it to your class teacher on time.


What an exciting week we have had in Team Enchantment! On Thursday, we celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday! The children had a tea party and in preparation for this, they made their sandwiches with a choice of fillings. Whilst making the sandwiches, the children thought about the ingredients they need and the how to make a sandwich. This was a great opportunity for us to think about and use verbs, time connectives and adverbs! The children then wrote their recipes and enjoyed the sunshine.

DSC02722 DSC02736



Welcome back!

We hope you had a super Easter break. Thank you to all those who supported their children in completing their Learning Packs. Not only does this help them academically, but it also shows the children that learning doesn’t stop at the end of the school day.

We’ve worked the children very hard already this week! The children in Meadow have used laptops in English to create speech bubbles for Traction Man characters, Treetops maths group have joined forces with Ocean to learn about partitioning and Castle have been designing a new outfit and setting for Traction Man.


There are some new children to Team Enchantment so WELCOME to them and their families. The children in Meadow, Treetops and Castle have been so warm and welcoming to the new children and we have been very proud.

New Learning Packs will be going home tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you all next week (19th, 20th, 21st April) for Parent Teacher Consultations.

Keep up the hard work at home!



The adults in Team Enchantment would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and we hope you enjoy the two week break ahead.

The children have their learning packs to complete over the holidays but should have plenty of time to relax too.

We are finishing the term with some tasty Easter treats and fun activities.hotcrossbuns_397_16x9

We’ll see you on Monday 11th April 😀






This week the children have been very excited in taking part in Sport Relief. They all had a go at running a mile to show their support. They received a tick card to show what they completed!
Miss Romanay’s Maths class have been looking at multiplication this week and arrays, Miss Smith’s group have been solving problems and Miss Gladwin’s group have been learning about time and using their time-telling skills!
We have also been continuing to learn about Traction Man, which the children remain very keen and enthusiastic about!
We are looking forward to the final week of this term and have got lots of exciting things planned for the children!


This week the children have been working so hard whilst completing some maths quizzes. They applied all of the skills that they have been learning about, both in class and in their learning packs at home! Well done to those children who completed their learning pack and handed it in on time, you are super stars!
We have continued to explore Traction Man is Here this week and everyone is getting involved! Lots of role play has been happening in all three classes, creating such a lively atmosphere in our team! Saifan from Treetops said, “In my learning pack I used some of the words from the story and I also used speech marks because we have been learning about them in class.”
We hope that some of you have managed to find the story in your local library!



The children have been stretching their brains this week by completing some rather tricky reading quizzes. They have had to read texts and then read and answer questions about what they have read. They have worked hard on these and persevered during the trickier bits – Well done Team E!


This week, we have also begun exploring the story of Traction Man is Here, by Mini Grey. This story has really captured the children’s imaginations and the work being produced already is looking good. There are a few stories about Traction Man available so do check out the local library to see if you can find more.



Welcome back everyone!

We’ve been enjoying seeing and hearing about everyone’s H2H projects. Thank you for any guidance that you gave the children, it’s going to be a very tricky job for us to choose some proze winners!

Just a reminder…. Next Wednesday (2.3.16) is the H2H Well Done Assembly and on Friday (4.3.16) afternoon will be the exhibition which you are very welcome to come to explore.

Next week, we will start quizzing the children on their reading skills in order to see how much progress they’ve made since Autumn and also to help us see where we should direct their next area of learning.


The children learnt about Shrove Tuesday this week. Revd Louise came and talked to the school about Lent and Team Enchantment took the opportunity to put our work on instructional, non-fiction writing into practice by creating some delicious pancakes and writing the matching recipe.

We hope you have a wonderful half term. Please take the opportunity to let the children have a much deserved rest. We’ll see you and your H2H projects on Monday 22nd February.

Team Enchantment

DSC02623 DSC02637 DSC02650



Well, what an exciting couple of Mondays we’ve had in Team Enchantment. Our focus has been learning about Explorers through Experienceology.

Last week, the children flew to the moon, created a starry scene in the style of the artist Jackson Pollock and wrote instructions using imperative verbs for Neil Armstrong.


This week, the children learnt about two new explorers – Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay who were the first men to reach the summit of Everest. They had a go at making shelters suitable to withstand the weather conditions on Everest, they also went on a treasure hunt to learn more about different countries and even created compasses and maps along the way.


These two days have really captured the children’s imaginations and creativity. Their learning has been put into a context and they have produced some amazing work as a result. Be sure to ask them about it!



Here’s a glimpse of what Team Enchantment has been up to this week…

Jannat Zahra from Meadow maths group explained:

“We have been learning about 3D shapes. We were getting things in the classroom that are 3D and putting them in the right sorting hoops. And, we got 3D shapes and then we dabbed them into the paint and then got a piece of paper and printed the faces.”

Aizel from Treetops maths group explained:

“We have been learning about adding and taking away and halving numbers. So we had some things and we shared them out. If it was two of us, it was halving and between four people, it was quartering”.

Oliver from Castle maths group explained:

“We’ve been looking at shapes. We’ve just moved onto 3D shapes. We’ve been sorting out some shapes and have been on a shape hunt in the classroom and down to the hall.”


In English, both Meadow and Treetops children have been busy writing Non Fiction Fact Files, using headings, subheadings and conjunctions. The children have had the opportunity to use laptops to research animals too. In Castle, the children have been writing recipes and sorting the instructions into the right order.


Just a reminder….

On Monday 8th February, the children are invited to come to school dressed as an explorer to participate in our second Experienceology Day!




Wow! What a fantastic start to our spring term!
The children have jumped straight into their experienceology learning, which they have named ‘The World and Beyond!’ We have kicked off with a science focus and are looking forward to all of the things to come!

Question of the week: Come and tell your teacher the answer to the following question for a sticker to put on your reward chart:
How old was Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon?

*Please remember your learning pack on Thursday this week. We will be calculating the % of total packs that have been returned and that are complete for each class!

LU Spring 1


We have been working the children hard this week completing some maths quizzes. The children have been focused and determined and achieved lots. The teachers will use these quiz results to help inform their teaching and support the children in the best way.

In English, Treetops, Castle and Meadow have been starting to learn about Traditional Tales. Meadow have re-enacted the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff with puppets, Treetops have made story maps of Monkey See, Monkey Do and Castle have written to the elves from the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Don’t forget, Christmas cards are available for one more day! Come and order them during Stay and Play.

Next week, we are starting to practise Christmas songs!

Update 5.10.15

We are having a wonderful time teaching your children and it has been a fantastic week looking at all of the lovely work you have been doing at home. Thank you to those that have supported their child in completing this. It is great to see them consolidating the information that they have learnt at school. It is so important that you ensure that your child hands in their completed learning pack on time, looking carefully at the dates shown on the information sheet. As you know, this is compulsory and the children who do not hand in completed work will do this in school during golden time.
Learning packs will be handed back to your child on Thursday with our feedback on their English and Maths achievements, as well as the new pieces of homework.
Look out for their learning pack work on our ‘Learning at home’ display!

We hope that you received a school trip letter for our team trip to Sheepdrove Organic Farm! We can’t wait and it is such a fantastic learning opportunity for your child! We look forward to taking them and sharing such a valuable experience.

Team Enchantment! 🙂


Update 17.9.15

Welcome back! We have had a fantastic first few weeks at school! The children have settled into their new classes and are already showing a focused attitude to learning. We have loved having them back and it would be great to see you on Wednesday mornings for Song and Rhyme! We hope you have all received a letter about their H2H projects and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.
Below is a link to the first Learning Update with important dates and other information and the H2H outline.

LU Autumn 1

H2H Autumn 1


Update 9.6.15

Wow! What a fantastic trip we had to Windsor Castle on Friday! The children all arrived back at Hilltop exhausted after a fun-filled day exploring the sights of the Castle and taking part in a great workshop. Each class reenacted The Battle of Waterloo inside the State Apartments, learning about what happened during the battle and about both leaders! Some of the children were lucky enough to be outside during the Changing of the Guard and throughout the day they had many opportunities to draw and write about what they could see, in their writing journals.

P1040955  P1040958 P1040994  P1040980

P1050004  P1050011

The children are going to be so busy over the next few weeks completing Summer assessments. They have all got off to a great start and are all aiming high! Please keep up the hard work at home and we are looking forward to receiving learning packs in tomorrow. It would be amazing if all classes have 100% completed packs!

Come and visit the book fair this week, it is open before school starts and after school this week. The children will have a chance to look around with their class tomorrow.

Please have a look at our learning update: LU Summer 2


Update 12.5.15

This week saw Team Enchantment begin a new focus on telling the time. Treetops and Meadow finished learning about money last week and Castle finished looking at statistics. All the adults were very impressed with the progress they made in these areas and already, the classes are showing great skill when looking at time.

In English, we are exploring character descriptions in the context of non-fiction writing. We are looking carefully at features such as headings, subheadings, paragraphs and adopting an appropriate style.

After half term, we will be completing quizzes for maths, reading and writing. Next week’s learning pack will include all the revision resources you may need to support your child in preparation for these. We discourage the use of the words ‘tests’ and ‘exams’ as this can unsettle the children.


Please ensure all children have full and named PE kit in school at all times.

Children are responsible for their own possessions at school. Therefore, please encourage your child to leave valuable and precious belongings at home rather than in book-bags.

As the weather is improving, the children are tending to take off their jumpers outside to enjoy the sunshine. We do remind them regularly that they are in charge of retrieving these throughout the day. Please assist by making sure uniform has a legible name in it.

Thank you!

Update 30.4.15

We have had a very exciting start to the term! We have already started our experienceology and all three classes are well underway! We have been planting lots of different vegetables and the flower beds have been cleared ready for us to plant our vegetables. We have had in depth discussions about what a plant needs in order for it to grow. All of the children are very enthusiastic about this! This of course relates to the story that we are looking at, The Enormous Turnip.
Please can we remind you about replenishing PE kits. It is so important that your child has plimsolls that fit them.
We have an extremely productive start to the term and we have got lots more exciting surprises planned!
Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

Update 24.04.15

Please read our learning update! It tells you all about what we have been learning and our plans for this term. We have had a great first week back, let’s keep it up!

LU Summer 1


Update 2.04.15

What a busy last week we have had! On Tuesday we fought against the wind and made our way down to All Saints Church where Revd Louise led our Easter celebrations.
Meadow have completed their Maths learning about directions, Treetops have started to learn abut money and have become familiar with recognising coins (please involve your children in any trips to the shops where they can help you to find the correct money) and Castle have been completing addition, subtraction and fractions quizzes from their previous learning!
Meadow have finished their amazing adventure stories, Treetops have also completed their very own stories and Castle have adapted the tale of The Ugly Duckling.

All the children in Team Enchantment have been set lots of challenges for their Easter holidays and it is so important that these are completed to a really high standard. Spellings and reading should also be done across the two weeks please.

Finally, from all the adults in Team Enchantment, have a wonderful and restful Easter holiday! We will see you again on Monday 20th April. 🙂

Update 19.03.15

This week has been very exciting for the children. On Tuesday we had a visit from Nathan Fox who is a triple jumper Olympian! He will be taking part in next year’s 2016 Olympics! As you can imagine, the children were very excited as they took part in various physical activities which some children have been sponsored for. We would like to thank you for collecting sponsorship as the event has raised so much money for new PE equipment. Once the children competed in these activities, Nathan led an inspirational assembly. He spoke to the children about always thriving for the best and the importance of perseverance. We would like to thank Miss Bedi and Miss Gladwin for organising this day!

Also this week, we have been working hard in our Maths groups. Miss Romanay’s Maths group started looking at money. We can now recognise the different valuations and the children found different combinations to make an amount. We are looking at subtracting using a number line. Miss Gladwin’s group have been collecting data using the tallying method and then forming a bar chart to show the information in a different way. Come and look at our class display to show the children’s bar chart that we all created together! Our next step is to learn how to read a bar chart with a variety of scales. Miss Smith’s group have been exploring directions, using vocabulary such as left, right, whole turn, half turn, quarter turn and three quarter turn.

Team Enchantment are continuing to look at stories. Castle will be retelling the story ‘The Ugly Duckling,’ Treetops have been creating their own story, beginning with the setting and moving onto a problem that could occur and how it will be resolved and Meadow class have been using drama to practise their story vocabulary and introduce dramatic story settings and characters. The children have just started to plans out their own fiction story using story maps.

Something we would like to highlight is the importance of following the Golden Rules. We are concerned with the children’s behaviour this term as many children have either failed to earn their golden time, got a time out and/or both. The children had a firm talk yesterday morning. Please remind your child of the ‘Golden Rules’ and ‘SRTRETCH’ values.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Update 25.2.15

Welcome Back!

We hope you had a super half term.

We’re half way through our first week back and already we have done so much!

Castle have made Gingerbread Men, Treetops have been busy book-making fact files about nocturnal animals and Meadow put their minds to oragami, creating their own paper aeroplanes to kick off their Flying Experienceology.

Today, Team Enchantment enjoyed a lively Song and Rhyme and a buzzing Phonics Bingo. It was great to see lots of adults supporting their children and encouraging others too, thank you for your support.

The same arrangement will be happening throughout this half term so please do remember to keep Phonics Bingo packs in bookbags, ready for Wednesdays.


Next week, we are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 5th March, so start planning an outfit so you can dress up as your favourite book character.

Thank you for handing in your amazing looking Learning Packs. We are looking forward to having a look at all the learning you have been doing at home.


Update 30.1.15

What a busy week we have had! The children have been continuing to look at letter writing as part of our writing quiz. They have really understood and identified the features of letters i.e. an address, date, greetings, introduction etc. We will be writing a letter to one of the characters from the story ‘The Gingerbread Man.’

The children have also been busy in University Degree groups. There has been lots of talk about Maths within this creative time.

Reminder: The children will be selling their goods tomorrow Friday 30th January at 2.30 p.m. We would encourage you to visit your child’s ‘University’ first to purchase their product.

We have also been incredibly impressed with the learning packs this term. We had many children handing in their packs earlier than expected. Thank you for supporting the children at home.


Update 7.1.15

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

All the staff in Team Enchantment really hope you had a fun and restful break and are raring to go for the new term! The children have come in full of beans and with lots of super ideas for our new projects. Meadow, Treetops and Castle have already started exploring the story of The Gingerbread Man, ready to retell the story next week. Details of the next H2H project, relating to this story, will be coming home soon so get thinking about how to be as creative as possible!

SAM_2972 SAM_2959 SAM_2971

The children have been extending their counting and calculations skills in maths and some work has been sent home today in Learning Packs to support this.

It was super to see so many faces at Song and Rhyme this morning and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning for Stay and Play.


Our next Parent Workshop will be held on Thursday 15th January at 3.40pm focusing on phonics and reading. Please do come!


Update: 26.11.14

We have started to practise for our Christmas performance and already it is looking and sounding fabulous. The children are already quite confident with the words and actions. *Please ensure your child’s Christmas costume is in school by: Monday 1st December.

Although we have started to think about Christmas, we are still working hard in class. This week, we have been continuing to retell a story and some children have even pushed their learning on further by adapting a traditional tale!

In Miss Romanay’s maths group the children have been busy measuring sides of shapes in centimetres and in Miss Gladwin’s group, they have been creating shape puzzles for their classmates to assemble.  Miss Smith’s class have been quizzed about the properties of 3D shapes and so far, Meadow have won against Miss Smith!

Thank you for encouraging your child to hand in their Learning Pack. We look forward to updating our ‘Learning At Home’ display board with all their super home learning.


Update: 20.11.14

This week we have been thinking about our Christmas Production and we have expanded on the children’s ideas. This morning we will be meeting as a team to share the final plans and costume ideas. A letter will be coming home on Friday to explain what the children will need to wear for the production! Please be supportive of our decisions as these are the children’s own ideas and with your support the children hope to put on a fantastic production. Rehearsals will begin next week and we are all getting into the Christmassy spirit! It would be fantastic if you could send the correct costume items into school by Monday 1st December in a clearly named bag.

Update: 10.11.14

What a busy week we have had in Team Enchantment! We’d like to say how proud we are of all the children as they paid their respects on Remembrance Day on Tuesday.  They took part in the 2 minutes silence and they had the opportunity to think about the lives lost. We also learnt about the meaning of the word ‘peace’.

Team Enchantment has also started thinking about our Christmas performance and we have asked the children what they would like to do. We had some great discussions and we are starting to think about Christmas!

In class this week, we have been continuing to look at Fairy Tales and the children have been role playing in groups to retell a story. The children had to ensure they retold the story thinking about the main events and the key characters whilst working in a team. They will then be using a story map to retell a story.

In Maths, the children have been on a ‘Shape Hunt’. They have identified many 2D shapes around the school. We realised shapes are simply everywhere around us! The children have also been identifying lines of symmetry. We have been doing this by cutting out the shapes and folding them vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The children worked extremely well with this although we are continuing to identify more lines of symmetry.

Thank you for encouraging your child to complete their learning pack. We have updated and are continuing to update our ‘Learning at home’ display.

Reminder: Please may we kindly remind you, whilst encouraging and supporting your child to learn at home, it is important for your child complete the work independently with your support. The work we provide in the learning packs is a reflection of what they have been learning in school. Your child should therefore be able to complete the work independently with your support and encouragement. If a piece of work has been put back into the pack, please ensure you read the teacher’s comment and look at the child’s area of development as your child may need further support and practise in these areas.
Miss Romanay.

Many thanks for all your support, Team Enchantment.

Update: 6.11.14

This term, we will be focusing on ‘Shape’. The children will be identifying and recognising shapes and their properties. For example, a square has 4 sides and 4 lines of symmetry. We will also be looking at wider areas of Maths within ‘shape’ to integrate the different mathematical skills. For example, whilst looking at shape, we will can also count and add the sides together (this is taken from the numbers and calculations areas of the National Curriculum). This will encourage the children to count in fours and add numbers together to consolidate their addition skills. The children will also be measuring the sides of shapes and looking at what half and quarter of shapes would like (taken from measure and fractions of the NC). The children will then be conducting a survey to see which shapes the children like the best or go on a shape hunt to tally up how many shapes we can identify around the classroom and school (this element is taken from statistics area of the NC). The children will be developing a variety of mathematical skills.

This week we have been identifying shapes and looking at how many sides and corners a shape has. We have been thoroughly impressed with the children’s shape knowledge and we are looking forward to extending their learning further.

This term, we are looking at Fairy Tales. So far we have explored the main features of a fairy tale – a bad character, a good character, settings, ‘once upon a time’ and ‘they lived happily ever after.’ We have already explored a variety of traditional tales (Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs).

Meadow and Treetops revisited Poetry as they have been writing a poem independently.

We would like to thank the children who have handed in their Learning Packs and we look forward to seeing all the hard work your child has been putting in to their learning at home.

Team Enchantment Update: 1

What a brilliant first half term! We’ve been very busy in Team Enchantment. We have now established our daily routines and expectations in Castle, Treetops and Meadow.

This week, look out for…

Celebration Assembly, Wednesday 22nd October 9.00am

The children have been busy presenting their projects to their classes. We have been really impressed with their spoken language skills and peer assessment through questioning. We now have a very tricky job selecting our winners! The winners will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday 21st October and Well Done stickers will be coming home.

H2H Exhibition, Friday 24th October at 9.00am

You will have the opportunity to come and see the children’s H2H work. They are extremely enthusiastic and very keen to show off their work.

Just a reminder, the children will be walking down to the church on Thursday morning for our Harvest Festival. Any donations of dry or canned food would be greatly appreciated.

Please ensure you have completed and returned the Medical and Consent Form prior to this date.

Maths Calculations Parent Workshop, Thursday 23rd October at 3.00pm

We’re looking forward to seeing you at 3.00pm for a workshop focusing on number and calculation where we will discuss methods used in maths. You will then have the opportunity to have a go yourselves and ask any further questions.

How to support your child with learning how to spell:

The children are now having weekly spelling quizzes on Mondays. Each week, the children will be given a set of new spellings that follow a spelling rule and can be sounded out. In addition to this, there will be a range of red words.

For example, the spelling pattern below is ‘sh’:

Green words: shopping, flash, shell, dash, fish, mesh, stash (you can sound these out)

Red words: because, does, he (you are not able to sound these out)

Use your spelling books to practise little and often at home. Read your spellings, cover them up, have a go and then check how you did.
Here are some examples of how you could get creative when you are learning your spellings!



In English, Meadow have been editing their poem ideas and are getting ready to present their final version. For example, they have been focusing on letter formation, suffixes and exciting words. The poems are following the same structure as the poem ideas in the learning pack.

For example:

The leopard was majestically jumping past (‘jump’ is the root word and ‘ing’ is the suffix).

In Treetops, the children have been writing an acrostic poem about Halloween. We have created a word bank which will encourage the children to use more adventurous words in their writing.

‘The cat was scary’ has now been edited to

‘The mysterious, black cat was dangerously prowling.’

Castle have been looking at syllables and clapping out the beats of words from haiku poems.

For example:

Hooting quietly (5 syllables)

The owl is as white as snow (7 syllables)

Watching the moonlight (5 syllables)

They will now be looking at a picture as a prompt to write their own poem independently thinking about the features we have been learning about this term.


In Maths, Meadow is looking at number recognition, number formation and number ordering. The children are becoming confident at choosing an appropriate challenge for their confidence and it is super to see them pushing themselves. We will be looking at adding numbers together using number lines. Please see the example below:


Castle have been adding numbers together using a number line. We have been practising counting on in tens and then adding ones. This week we will be looking at recognising money and adding coins together using a number line once again.

Please see the example below:


Treetops have been learning how to partition numbers for example:

15 = 10 + 5

 We are then using this to support us in adding numbers together.

For example:

12 + 14

10 + 10 = 20

2 + 4 = 6



Thank you for all your support as always. Last week was an excellent opportunity to discuss your child’s strengths and targets. Your child should now have the targets set by the teachers in their Home School Book.

Please continue to look at the website as often as possible as we aim to give you regular updates.




Team Enchantment’s Trip to The Natural History Museum

28.04.14- Treetops, Castle and Meadow Class had a fantastic day out at The Natural History Museum. They became explorers for the day and learnt lots about different mammals, dinosaurs and the earth. They really enjoyed their day and both the adults and the children were tired out after our day out! We would like to say a big thank you to the parents that came to help us on our trip:

  • Mrs Asbery (Sam’s Mum)
  • Mrs Conners (Juliana’s Mum)
  • Miss Bennett (Cerys’ Mum)
  • Mr Aldersley (Matthew’s Dad)
  • Mrs Jagdev (Gurjeevan’s Mum)
  • Miss Mason (Eden’s Mum)
  • Mrs Ryland (Ellie’s Mum)


Meadow Class putting their money skills to the test at Tesco!

04.03.14– Today Meadow Class have been putting all their skills they have learnt in numeracy about money into practice today with a visit to Tesco. Each of the children had a budget of £1 and they had already carried out some research on what they wanted to buy by looking at the Tesco website and compiling a shopping list. They had such great fun finding the different items and some of them even had a go on the self scanning tills!

Thank you so much to: Mrs Asbery, Mrs Brant, Mrs Warburton, Mr Latimer and Mrs Conners for walking down with us and helping us around Tesco.


Treetops Class learning about Shrove Tuesday in true experienceology style!

04.03.14– In Treetops class today, we have been making pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday! We learnt all about the ingredients we use to make pancakes and why Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The children talked about something that they would be able to give up for Lent and why they might find it tricky!
The children had so much fun choosing their toppings for their pancakes and eating them with their friends!


Team Enchantment- 2012/2013 

Meadow’s Trip to Harry Potter World! 26.03.13

On Tuesday before the Easter Holidays, a very excited Meadow Class (and Miss Pells and Miss Townsend!) went to The Warner Brother’s Studio Tour of the making of Harry Potter in Watford. We had the opportunity to look around where lots of the filming for the films took place which authentic sets that were actually used! The children and the adults had a fantastic time. One child even commented “this is the best place I have EVER been to!”. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures we have taken of the day…





Meadow’s Pancake Cafe

On Tuesday Meadow Class transformed the classroom into their own cafe which they called ‘Pancake Party’. On Monday with Miss Pells the children planned what they wanted to class to look like and set out price lists for the different challenges in Numeracy. Each challenge then had a budget that they could use to buy a pancake and a variety of different toppings:

The children completely led the learning of the day and the children decided to make Miss Pells ‘Head Chef’. Each child took on different roles and Sophia was our photographer who did an excellent job of taking these. We hope you enjoy looking at them!

Meadow Class and Miss Pells





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