Choosing The Correct Atlas Roof Sky lanterns For Your Extension

Tips For Choosing The Atlas Roof Sky Lanterns For Your Extension

People over the past decade have started to choose to renovate and extend their own homes by adding atlas roof sky lanterns. Having full control as opposed to an expensive interior designer could be the main factor behind the decision to be independent when converting rooms like lofts, kitchens or diners. Almost in conjunction and running parallel to the number of people changing their own homes, is the popularity of roof light lanterns which have seen a huge spike in sales. Flat rooflights and Roof lanterns play a pivotal role in transforming any room.

However, it can be extremely difficult and overwhelming when looking at the wide variety of choice to buy on the market. Knowing which one to buy for each specific need can be a very hard task. This guide will help you with that task.

Consider A Rooflight With A Frameless Design

Lots of people may add a rooflight to their home because the amount of natural light they are receiving naturally, is very low which makes the interior hard to change. However, because there is a lot of choice on the market, such as the thickness of the frame, the amount of light that can be offered needs to be identified correctly. This can be a problem for people who spend thousands on new sky windows, only to achieve a dull and dim result. Choosing a frameless design for your home could be the best choice, as these frames can offer up to 50% more light than the normal traditional standard design.

Consider What Else You Want Your Rooflight To Provide

If you care about the environment and are looking to create an eco-friendly home, then choosing an atlas roof sky lanterns with a low U-value should be a top priority. Finding rooflights with this low type of value will have a better thermal resistance. This will ensure that you meet the voluntary standards for energy regulations.

Another important feature of choosing the right rooflight is ventilation, especially if you are installing above a kitchen. If your roof is a flat roof then using an electronic opening could be used as an easy access point. This could create another purpose for your extension by turning your kitchen into a roof garden.

Atlas roof sky lanterns


If Your Site Isn’t Easy To Access, Choose A Flatpack Option

A large ready-made atlas roof sky lanterns might not be suitable for your project if it needs to be installed in a difficult to access area. This could include a top floor apartment or a house with a narrow staircase. Instead, a rooflight with a flat pack option could be the best choice. This will allow the rooflight to be constructed at the location of your choosing rather than risk it getting damaged.

Trying to fit a very large ready-made roof light is not suitable if your location is difficult to reach. This can be locations such as top floor offices or houses with extreme narrow corridors. If you want to install roof light lanterns in a difficult room, then choosing a flatpack option may be the way forward. This will enable you to fit then roof lanterns anywhere, as it comes out of a box ready to be assembled.

The Best Quality Rooflight

The quality of a product is often a representation of the warranty it comes from the manufacturer. Quite simply the longer the warranty should be better the product. If you go with a cheaper option from the start, you may have to pay more down the line for repairs and maintenance.