Joining in and Celebrations

Song and Rhyme

Every Wednesday morning between 8:50-9:05, each class holds a Song and Rhyme session where the parents and carers are invited in to share different songs and nursery rhymes with their children. Acorn class also have a Song and Rhyme between 12.30-12.45pm.

Stay and Play

Throughout the term we invite our parents and carers to play and solve different challenges with their children.

Open Afternoon

Throughout each term, the parents and carers are invited in to share the most recent work completed by their child. They have the opportunity to look at the children’s books and classroom displays and share what they have been working on.

Celebration Assembly

Every Friday morning at 9:00 Hilltop holds a whole school celebration assembly. Parents and carers are invited to share the success of the children. Well Done certificates are awarded to children who have been selected by their class teacher for achievement during the previous week. These children are given a sticker to inform their parents and carers on the Thursday before in the hope that their parents or carers can attend to share their children’s success. Other celebrations at this assembly include:

  • Rosettes- these are awarded by the Luchtime Team for exemplery behaviour at lunchtimes over the week. The children who are awarded the rosettes are invited to sit at the ‘Top Table’ on that day where they receive waitress service by the Lunch Team and are joined by one of the members of the Teaching Staff.
  • Class Attendance Clock- this is awarded to the class with the highest percentage attendance for the week. All children are aware of the ‘Magic Number’ which this year is 96% attendance from each class.
  • School Values- every week we have a value of the week, which is displayed in the hall. The adults look out for examples of this value being displayed and these children are awarded with a certificate.
  • Pen Licences- At Hilltop pen licences are awarded to children who have achieved consistent joined up handwriting that they display in all aspects of their work. The licence certificate, together with a pen is awarded in assembly.
  • 100% Certificates- End of Term Assemblies are particularly special, as the children are awarded certificates for keeping 100% of their Golden Time and being in school every day (100% attendance).


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