H2H- Hilltop to Home

H2H is our initiative for supporting your child in their learning at home. It is very much more creative than previous formal ‘Homework’.

The theme of each H2H challenge is linked to the topic the children have been working on in class and therefore supports and reinforces that learning. Each child produces a ‘project’ which can be presented in any shape of form. For example we have seen models, videos, booklets, games, food and clothing all be produced by different children on the same topic!

Each child has 4 weeks to work on the challenge at home. A date is set for the children to bring into school what they have produced.

In order for this initiative to be rewarding and worthwhile for each child there are two important keys to success. Firstly that the children are supported by their parents and carers in planning, developing and producing their ideas and secondly that what is produced is the child’s own work!

Each challenge is sent home with 2 feedback sheets; one for children to complete and one for the parents or carers to fill in.

These feedback sheets are based on the ‘3 stars and a wish’ that the children are familiar with. The 3 stars are 3 positive messages about the challenge and the wish is something that could be done next time to make the experience even better.

Once all the children have brought their creations into school with the family’s ‘3 stars and a wish’ sheets the class based staff will review the work and also complete a ‘3 stars and a wish’ sheet which will come back home.

There is an expectation that every child takes part in this H2H challenge. Every child who does receives a certificate.

There will also be 4 special certificates per class which will celebrate a range of aspects which include:

  • The most creative project
  • The most original project
  • Highest level of independence by the child
  • The most effort from the child

Once the staff have completed their feedback we invite families to a display of all the children’s projects so that these can be admired by all.

Here are some photos of a previous H2H


H2H and All About Me projects are due back for all children on Friday 23rd September 2016.

Please remember to complete both a parent feedback form and child feedback form when your child’s brings their project into school.

Please feel free to complete our planning sheet to help assist with planning your child’s project. H2H planning sheet.

Our H2H exhibition will be held in the school hall on Wednesday 5th October, further details to follow.


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