University Degrees

University Degrees at Hilltop

The Hilltop University Degrees Programme is an initiative that we began in 2010. This initiative was aimed at developing the children’s understanding of further education to encourage them to aspire to going to University and obtaining a degree or a further education qualification. Our original letter set out our vision as follows:

Many children these days are either confused about, or have no knowledge of the opportunities that are open to them when they are older. Indeed the world of work for the children currently at Hilltop School will be a very different world from that which I grew up in and possibly different from today’s world. Technology in particular has, and is, changing so rapidly that it is hard to imagine what jobs will be available and necessary in 10-15 years’ time. This means that we are educating children to be prepared for a world that will involve things that we don’t know about and possibly can’t even imagine!!

One thing however is still a certainty and that is that the better the children do in their education the more options our children will have to base their careers on.


3 times a year each child at Hilltop is given the opportunity to take part in a five week ‘University Degree’ course. There are a wide range of courses that the children can study and at the end of the course the children will be awarded a Degree Certificate.
For our most recent round of University Degrees, we decided to incorporate mathematical skills with technology. The children explored an area of Maths in a creative way.

  • The children made:
     Phone cases and purses using their sewing and measuring skills
     Cards and gift boxes using their shape and space knowledge
     Bookmarks and painted pictures using their shape and measuring skills
     Treasure Maps focusing on their direction and coordinates knowledge
    And much more!

The children made these and other various products which we then sold to parents and carers of Hilltop. The money we raised was approximately £438 which will contribute to our Hilltop 100 fundraising scheme!

uni picture 1uni picture 2


For the Autumn 2013 degrees we changed the format. This time around we offered the shortest degrees ever! Every afternoon for a week the children took part in their degree course and by the Friday they were ready to Graduate. Our youngest children spent the week experiencing what it was like to spend time ‘under the stars’, and then they graduated too. What an experience.


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